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September 14, 2017

The People Must Be Happy

Harry M. Covert

There weren't a lot bonafide voters in Tuesday's primary elections in the City of Frederick. One jurisdiction did legislate that non-citizens could cast ballots in the democratic process.


Apparently the good people of the Free State's second largest municipality are very satisfied with how they are governed. The population in the Clustered Spires city is 65,237.


Political leaders, the ins and the outs, must be truly delighted as evidenced by the extremely low turnout at the polls.


The two-term incumbent mayor, Randy McClement, seems headed to another four years as he received 60-plus percentage of his Republican Party support. His opponent, Alderman Michael O'Connor, earned the Democratic Party’s mayoral candidate spot. We'll see.


Despite the light turnout of ballot-casters, campaign workers outside, and election officials inside, were enjoying their pleasant fun and games.


In all probability when the November main event arrives, there could be some excitement and verbal dexterity among the partisans.


All in all the free parking and easy access to the ballots Tuesday was smooth with lots of smiles – but no refreshments available. Identity cards were not necessary. It was required that voters supply birthdates. That was easy.


Across the state, the cockamamie leaders at College Park, home of the University of Maryland, think they know more than others in surrounding towns and communities and approved allowing illegals to vote – at least locally. It probably won't be too long until the black-robed Supremes speak up and set the record straight. The court will strike that only certified, sworn and card-carrying citizens can vote. Isn't that what amendments to the Constitution affirm? The language actually says legal citizens of 18 years and above cannot be denied the privilege.


There's no need for legal scholars or others to get into a squabble over the privilege. Until foreigners are sworn in by proper authority, their votes should not be allowed. This is serious business that's been fogged over by leftists, un-American bull-shooters, and all-around troublemakers.


It's rather nice to reside in jurisdictions where law and order is honored, good government abounds, and the vast majority are happy, healthy, and fat and sassy.


This all sounds nice. Lots of meaningful people don't take primary elections seriously. They should. The right to vote is free and disrespected when the exercise is ignored for whatever lifestyles.


There once was a time when people had to pay a poll tax or own property to select leaders. Thankfully that's been erased. I could spell out when, where and why this was allowed. I won't, though, in light of the surge of statue discussions, removals and spray-painting vandalism. School books and responsible teachers know history. Class trips to historical sites are available for details.


Reportage always find good stories among the lack of voter interest. They say the time is coming when driving to the precincts will be a thing of the past. People will merely cast on the Internet. Once security is solid and hackers are curbed, voting will be easy as fishing. No need for a self-driving car.


The last of the 2017 election arrives November 7. Then all gloves will be off until 2018. And all the braggadocio will be about honesty, veracity and general malice of splitting hairs and defining what's good and bad.


As I've noted previously maybe candidates should be required oaths to truth-telling and to repeat the English alphabet backwards. Try it!


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