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September 12, 2017

Night at Winchester Hall

Harry M. Covert

I read with alarm the conduct of the majority members of the Frederick County Council. It was an obvious intended slur to a long-serving member, which the Democrat politicians figure is the best way to oppose a colleague or to demean him.


For the good of everyone Councilman Jerry Donald must be identified as the culprit along with Council Vice President MC Keegan-Ayer who accosted their teammate Kirby Delauter in the hallway at Winchester Hall Tuesday last.


The dispute came about after school teacher-politician Donald and the Veep Keegan-Ayer got involved about sanctuary county status which Mr. Delauter opposes, similar to most citizens in the know.


Councilman Delauter took exception to the posting on social media by friends of his colleagues. Mr. Donald’s Facebook comment was profane at the most and disrespectful to a sitting councilman and shall we say a “colleague.” I’ll not describe the vile comments.


A verbal spat ensued when Mr. Delauter asked Mr. Donald to remove the offensive, inappropriate comment.


The treatment of Mr. Delauter shows distinctly the fear county Democrats have of his candidacy for county executive next year. Insiders report that incumbent CE Jan Gardner, who some describe as “Her Worship,” is pulling strings from her devotees to mount a constant war to debase her possible challenger next year. Apparently there appears no honor or veracity to the minions who most definitely are knocking themselves out to hurt the outspoken leading voice of county conservatives and Republicans. He’s tough though.


I like what Mr. Delauter said: “I do what I think is right by not airing our differences in public, so I catch him (Donald) in the council hallway (behind closed doors) and ask him to remove the post because it is disrespectful to the elected positions we hold which in turn is disrespectful of the constituency. Thought that’s how civility was supposed to work? Apparently Jerry and MC feel that it should be made a spectacle in the public eye through social media.”


As a longtime watcher of political disputes from opposites, they are not the least bit rare. School teachers, principals and others in the public school system ought to be excluded from holding elected positions where they can vote on their own salaries, et cetera, et cetera. But that is a discussion for another time.


Back to the events of last Tuesday: Mr. Donald and Ms. Keegan-Ayer obviously were enjoying the provocation of their competitor. In any other time, Mr. Donald would have suffered a repercussion probably not seen in county history. He was a fortunate soul that night. It would have been an exhilarating story to cover, but Mr. Delauter, the victim, exercised great wisdom.


Business people in these parts know full-well the acumen Mr. Delauter has in political, business and education matters in the broad spectrum for the good citizens of Frederick County. He is well-versed in public budgetary matters, and the needs for Frederick’s future. He’s a successful business man.


It seems that the coming knock-down drag out battle for the soul of Frederick County is going to affect monster coverage of official daily public media, and then the internetting (sic) social media. In all likelihood the coming year will be costly. Consider the national Democrats and created ersatz issues. Do locals sincerely want the same to destroy the political lives of their competitors? The answer isn’t lost on voters.


It’s time to reassess the professional political activities.


The matter of a sanctuary city or county is stupid. Those promoting this thought aren’t very experienced in dealing with other parts of the world. There are other important issues to be on the campaign agendas.


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