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August 30, 2017

The Riches of Immigration

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – August 31 is Malaysia's National Day. It was then in 1957 that they earned their independence from Great Britain. Down came the England's flag and up went striking USA look-alike of the Malaysian Flag.


Oh, see my Facebook page for a picture of Dzul dressed as a Malaysian flag. He won first prize.


Fast forward to 2017. The bond between Kuala Lumpur and London is very tight. Students often attend classes in British universities. Economic ties are very strong as most imported products stem from the United Kingdom. Although cars usually come from Japan, one often sees Roll Royces, Bentleys and BMW's. Although I am not sure whether those are still made in Britain, they still represent British authority.


Australia has replaced Britain as a place for immigration. There are large pockets of Malaysians in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. They purchase apartments and homes there as a status symbol and a place to go in case the politics turn for the worse and certain quarters are asked to leave.


One of the more interesting ways they migrate is to send their daughters to Australia, not to seek an education but to secure an Australian husband. These girls have learned that the best way to find a spouse is to make themselves attractive to the IT population. You know, the computer nerds. They specifically seek out these people because they are usually, and I say usually not meaning to insult anyone, are shy and have poor social skills unless they are in front of the keyboard. I know, I have met the boyfriends of many of them who come here for the wedding.


When wedded, the ladies then start their inroads into Australian society. They first open a bank account so that funds can flow from Malaysia to Australia. I don't mean a few dollars, I mean millions in the local currency. Then they start their campaign to bring over as many relatives as they can. I am not sure of the Australian immigration policy as it keeps changing, but the former idea of "two wongs don't make a white" has long expired.


I think the Australian building industry has helped things along in the political spectrum. They have way over-built, and the only buyers they can find come from overseas, so they have encouraged the relaxation of immigration policies.


The wealthy Malaysians and Indonesians come in and snap up the properties. One broker I talked to told me they are building "boxes" along the Gold Coast (along the Great Barrier Reef) and selling them at exorbitant prices. But, he also told me the housing bubble is about to burst and, if you wait, houses can soon be purchased at marked down prices. I am not holding my breath.


The United States is not immune either from these "students" who come to study. I met a girl and her father who was attending North Dakota University. I didn't know North Dakota had a university. I asked why in the world she went there in such an awful climate and she informed that there was no out of state or out of country tuition. She was a pretty girl but a bit heavy. I hope she meets her young man there as I think North Dakota needs the additional population.


I met another guy who came here to get married; an IT major of course. He was very good looking and had his best man with him. She was a strikingly beautiful Chinese lady. The father had arranged a huge wedding and spared no expenses. I knew immediately she would probably divorce him as soon as she got her green card or whatever legal document required for permanent residency. Either that, or the money would flow into the states or probably both.


I am very happy I married a girl who wanted to stay here and only visit the United States. She is, of course, of the Malay race. Except for a few minor health issues, I am thrilled to have a partner in life.


...Life is good. . . . .


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