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August 29, 2017

The Coming Silent Majority Awakening

Harry M. Covert

I’ve given lots of thought to the ongoing pusillanimous barrage to rename everything from history. Thugs on the streets across the country, a bunchwearing black masks and clothes have literally gotten out of hand.


And, if my guess amounts to anything, average people across the land are going to have their bellies full soon, and the mindless so-called protesters will have their comeuppance.


While most good citizens are lifting prayers to the Almightyf, and government at all levels are helping with the weather tragedy in Texas, the anti-fascists have gotten completely out of hand.


The matter of free speech is no longer the issue. The pollyannish and simply ignorant running amok characters have reached the end of the line. It is sickening to watch disrupters get away with their efforts to destroy the nation as we know it today.


Real Americans have jumped into helping the hurting people in the flooded areas of the Lone Star State. I have not seen or heard about any of the ne’er-do-wells jumping in to help the devastation. Seeing pictures of the elderly in three-feet of water in assisted living facilities; others who have streamed to makeshift quarters for sleeping and eating; all the streets appearing as rivers is disturbing. But the troublemakers represent the worst in the nation.


Say what you want, but to cure any sins of the past doesn’t rest with violence in the streets, and, if this lifestyle keeps up, the silent majority is going to wake up. The reaction isn’t going to be pleasant because the quiet people will break out their own tasers, firearms and such defense mechanisms they haven’t seen.


The alleged resistance and hateful movement represent nothing but cowards. Law enforcement is under attack; free speech is ignored and confused with mob activities.


How left wingers and disgusting political leaders continually talk about Nazis, fascism, racism (with a capital R), and other detestable things, are beyond the pale. Do these people want another Civil War? It appears as they do without flinching. Good Americans everywhere must prevail.


Blame, blame and blame. They love to say those who don’t agree with them are racists. This is nothing but efforts to ruin society.


Public laws do not allow adults to wear masks or face-covering bandanas. The violence is now out of hand. There is no way to put on a smiling face or to make excuses for the tyranny.


It is much more fun and entertaining to report on the good things always going on in communities everywhere. How about those pitching in to help the struggling victims of Hurricane Harvey. It’s truly aggravating to read the “breaking news” of the weather travails and in moments the gas bags are prattling on about The President.


If people have forgotten, Donald J. Mr. Trump has all the power given to the chief executive and commander-in-chief. And he’s using it regardless of the opposition, including the unfaithful of his own party. He could certainly put the hurt on those dilettantes.


The constant animosity on social media has gotten hoary. There is no excuse. If anything, the silent majority is just waiting. When the preponderance of normally quiet people say, “daddy has come home,” “we’ve had enough,” “sit down and shut up,” the scalawags will scram. First the wishy-washy electeds will pay the price for their wimpiness and spineless non-support of the president.


I don’t want to point out the names of the now so-called leaders more interested in their survival than the people. Readers already know these weaklings. Heaven forbid they are allowed to remain.


And, to the knotheads who like to sliver around with the I-word, that’s i-m-p-e-a-c-h, they are long out of date. The times are not from the Seventies. There has always been something called the “loyal opposition.” Nowadays the term is “awful opposition,” which has no respect for anything. These people need to get out and talk to real people, ignore the so-called polls which are shamefully out of touch.


Today, the national tragedy is in Texas and the unprecedented floods. Except for Divine Intervention, climate changers can’t do a thing to stop the rains and floods. That’s not difficult to figure out. And, are you ready for this, “it ain’t Mr. Trump’s fault” the rains came, the floods arose and the inconvenience resulted.


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