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August 24, 2017

No Comparison of Robert and Robert

Harry M. Covert

Well now, "Dear Hearts and Gentle People," have you stopped laughing? Those media numbskulls at ESPN have more money than sense.


In a day of turmoil, I almost had a stroke laughing. I thought it was a joke. The story on Monday was that sports announcer Robert Lee was not going to describe the college football game between host University of Virginia and William and Mary.


UVA is known as the Cavaliers. In my day W&M was called the Indians. Not too far back the name was changed to Tribe to be PC.


A few miles down the road from Williamsburg, the colonial capital, is Jamestown. Readers could recall occupants in those day included Pocahontas and her Indian people.


Back to the big game in Charlottesville at 3:30 P.M. in Scott Stadium.


Broadcaster Robert Lee won't be at the microphone for the game. The reason? Well, some empty suit at ESPN thinks that Lee without the E. may be mistaken for General Robert E. Lee.


Ignorance may be bliss, but there will be no comparison of Robert and Robert.


I know the thugs were out in force recently, violently disturbing the peace and dignity. Yes, supposed peaceful assembly was avoided.


Because of the tragic situation, the broadcast panty-waists stepped in as if anybody watching or listening on air or in the stands would be tempted to break bad at attempt to remove the announcer.


As so many singers have performed:


"I love those dear hearts and gentle people

Who live in my home town.

Because those dear hearts and gentle people

Will never, ever let you down."


Of course, the nation seems to have gone berserk, really a very small number of bigots, hate speeders and other types I'm avoiding to describe.


In my day I covered lots and lots of sports events at every college stadium, at least in Virginia. The fervor of all those games was collegiate rah-rah, exciting. I can add that old phrase "hubba hubba." From the press boxes the college experience was great, beautiful girls wearing chrysanthemums, school colors and exciting games. Other aspects of fall football make the days full of fun and frolic.


It's rather doubtful any alleged protesters of the thuggery type will appear at the Cavalier-Indian, oops, Tribe show.


After hearing the president of all the people give the go-ahead to march to victory in war zones, I believe the opponents in David A. Harrison III Field will be playing for victory, to win and not for tie, a deadlock. The coaches will not be telling their players to stand down, or suggest it's okay to lose.


I'll also wager that none of the UVA-W&M players, or the alumni and friends, will fail to stand when the national anthem is performed to honor America. Neither will the old state song be heard, "Carry me back to old Virginny." That's okay and from a different era.


If any violent trouble makers dare pull similar matters that's smeared C-vile, I have a solution. Those creating havoc should be scooped up, drafted into the army or Public Health Service immediately and sent to Guantanamo Bay or Afghanistan. Free speech is one thing, but criminal activities is another. Mask-wearing is illegal for adults. No Lone Rangers allowed.


Here's a phrase I remember: "Winners never lose and losers never win."


Try to remember some old college fight songs. "Boola boola." Excuse me, that belongs to Yale. 


UVA's is "The Good Old Song," and W&M: "Tribe Fight Song" Oh, we will fight, fight, fight for the Indians..."


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