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August 22, 2017

A Monumental Disgrace

Jason Miller

It is a matter of common knowledge that racism and cultural intolerance are the antithesis of American values. The horrific acts that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, by the white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, KKK members, and the other degenerates, should weigh heavy on our minds.


The saddest part of this saga is that it has been covered by the corporate media as a partisan battle.


The nature in all radical extremism is to position itself as the truest and most pragmatic solution for every universal problem. The truth is that all the hate based groups in America have been waiting patiently like a coiled snake to strike at the heart of American unity.


The Alt-Right’s putrid and ill-conceived notion that they speak for America’s conservatives is an episode of wishful thinking. The Antifa are the weak-minded socialist seeking drones, who are so courageous in their cause that they don masks that hide their commitment to it.


We are now asking ourselves how it got this far – and this out of hand. To understand these recent events, we must be honest with ourselves about how our own conscience political dialogue has slid into outright incivility. An opportunity to stand together as one American people in a single clarion voice to denounce these bigots has just been squandered in such a way to make it about partisan politics.


The political coverage of Charlottesville that is permeating over our cable news stations, social media outlets, and national airwaves is exacerbating our real national problem. The divisive narrative that is being pushed on the national debate on Charlottesville is hateful, saddening, and worst of all, purposeful.


The temptation of click bait, media market shares, user, viewer, and listener demographics usurped ethical behavior in media long ago. The more we hate each other, the more revenue is generated in advertising dollars. The left and the right can be validated instantly with the click of a mouse, a touch to a screen, or the press of a button.


The insidious seeds of identity politics were sowed by weak, opportunistic, politicians and a ratings hungry media. The results have been that our extreme partisanship has grown a bumper crop of divisive and hateful fruit. The Alt-Right and Antifa have simply come along to harvest the bounty. We did this to ourselves.


Since the horrific events in Charlottesville took place, historical monuments made of stone, steel and bronze across America are being vandalized and in some cases destroyed. The latest national monument to be a casualty of our hyper partisan discourse was our nations own Lincoln Memorial.


These monuments serve as reminders of history. The fact remains that no matter how many memorials are torn down for the partisan resistance of both sides, our history will always remain.


It seems that the Alt-Right and Alt-Left have rooted for themselves a place in the modern maelstrom of our hyper partisan addiction to incivility.


That, my friends, is the real monumental disgrace of our time.


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