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August 21, 2017

Doing What is Right, Not Political Convenience

Guest Columnist

Raleigh Boaze


[Editor’s Note: This column by Mr. Boaze was written prior to the “by cover of darkness” removal of the Taney Statue from its post outside The General Assembly building in Annapolis, where it has stood since 1872.]


Chief Justice of The Supreme Court Roger Brooke Taney, and six other members of that court in 1857, made their Dred Scott Decision according to the Constitution of the United States. Everything the court did in this was by the book. Now Justice Taney he is being chastised for doing the right thing.


If Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan removes the Taney statue. I am done.


I am fed up with the movement of those with their feelings hurt. Get over it.


Taking down Confederate statues will not appease those people whoever they are. What's coming next? Dig up the Confederate soldiers?


The southern states had every right to secede from the Union. It was legal under the Constitution. They did not do so for slavery. Look up the Morrill Tariff for a better reason.


The commander at Fort Sumter moved his troops into the fort under the cover of darkness and without orders. The next day the Confederates asked for the surrender of the fort. President Abraham Lincoln further provoked the South by trying to sail ships into the surrounded fort. Aggression was what it was. Then Mr. Lincoln invaded Virginia. All of this was unnecessary and nothing more than provocation.


The Confederacy was not treason. Everything it did was legal under the Constitution. Mr. Lincoln waged war because he was losing all the export tax money generated by the sale of cotton from the South. The Confederate soldiers were fighting for their land, the land of the South.


Now, everything associated with the Confederacy must be cleansed in the mind of many. This is wrong. Some people will never be satisfied and removing monuments will not appease them. Many of The Founding Fathers owned slaves. Are their statues going to be the next victim?


Already, Baltimore has removed four Confederate statues. Where are the politicians going to allow them to go next?


How many Marylanders fought for the Confederacy? You might be surprised.


Removing the statue of Justice Taney will only give the Youngs, senator and delegate, more fuel for their fire for changing the words of “Maryland, My Maryland.”


I think I am fed up with the trouble makers and the politicians who appease them and do nothing to stop this nonsense.


One last bit for you: "Remove not the ancient Landmark which thy Fathers have set." Proverbs 22:28


[Editor’s Note: Mr. Boaze is a noted writer, photographer and historian in Frederick County.]


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