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As Long as We Remember...

August 18, 2017

The Nanny State and Football

Edward Lulie III

The sport of football has been a part of the American community for over one hundred years. It is a part of our history, from middle school to the National Football League (NFL), where thousands of young men (and some women) learned teamwork, self-discipline, and enjoyed playing before community, family and friends.


The political left, always looking to destroy the fabric of our nation, is now seeking to limit and or ban football completely. Some of this effort comes from a recent study claiming that NFL players risk brain trauma from repeated concussions, and there is evidence that indicates that may have validity.


It is only one study and critics of it point out that thousands upon thousands have played the sport without having any indication of lasting trauma. To be sure, football is a violent sport, but such injuries are not limited to football. Lacrosse, women's field hockey, baseball, and soccer all have their risks. Life is not risk free.


I have, over the years, interviewed dozens of high school and college football, baseball, basketball, soccer, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, track and other coaches in my position as co-host of a weekly local radio sports show.  None of these coaches, male or female, is getting wealthy from their work. All of them value and prize the experience and life lessons they help teach, and they have learned, in return, from their players.


It isn't just about winning and losing, it is about responsibility, honesty, and team work. Every coach and player knows that there is always a risk of injury and even death when you have strenuous athletic activity. They choose to engage because the rewards gained are far broader than just winning a game. Athletics are beneficial and have strengthened our society and our nation. Sports and athletics have been a historic part of what helped make the USA a great nation.


The USSR had a plan to destabilize the west by attacking elements that would weaken society. They helped fund and mobilize the green movement to attack industry. Global warming advocates attack meat production, and now some claim that your cats and dogs are destroying the planet. Anything to hurt our standard of living, and atone for not living like most of the third world does, is high on the left's agenda of "progress." Following the left's recommendations that would hamstring our industry and cost us billions of dollars is just one example of their plan for "progress."


The left has for years fought the religious right and religion in general; it interferes with their worship of Government (the big G for them is never God).  Religion has been a cement of our society since we began, dissolving that helps the left "progress" us closer to the glorious utopias they advocate, like Cuba and Venezuela.


In fact, just about anything that holds communities together and embraces nationalism is condemned by the left. The National Anthem? Protest it. Football? Ban it. Religion? Eliminate every trace in public that you can. History? Attack symbols, flags, and monuments instead of building on what we went through to get here. Find ways to destroy that and further divide us.


It is past time that we stop being polite about this. This is a war on us, our culture and our nation. We need to strongly reject these attacks on our nation and say what they are: "anti-American." These attacks on our culture and lifestyles are the essence of un-patriotism as they seek to destroy us as a nation, bring our standard of living down and eliminate our freedoms of speech, worship and the right to own property.


It is past time we start calling these advocates of our destruction out for being what they are, unpatriotic and anti-American. Donald Trump’s election was, in a large part, the electorate seeking to turn away from the progressive, one world, utopian agenda.


We need to start being realistic about what is at stake. We need to stop the nanny state now. We need to keep playing football.


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