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As Long as We Remember...

August 14, 2017

FCPSs Own Truman Show

Cindy A. Rose

I’ve recently discovered the Weinberg Center for the Arts in downtown Frederick is not the only place where good theater comes to life and the community gets invited to participate.


If you’ve been paying attention to the Frederick County Board of Education recently, you will recall the members  passed Policy 443, “Creating Welcoming and Affirming Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” (Transgender Policy). The vote was 5-1. April Miller voted against the policy, Colleen Cusimano was unable to attend due to her work schedule.


The August 9, 2017, afternoon Board of Education meeting began the process of creating a “Regulation” in support of 443. The Regulation will tell Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) staff how to implement the Transgender Policy.


FCPS believes transgenderism is a “normal” part of being human and want to make that a part of your child’s educational experience.


A large portion of the community, although sympathetic to their struggles, believes transgenderism is an “abnormal” and unhealthy mental condition and should not be portrayed to our impressionable children as “normal” and “healthy.” I side with that portion of the community that believes transgender students need mental health therapy and accommodations, but not public accommodations that put them into the private spaces of the opposite sex.


FCPS does not have the right to force children of one sex to undress in front of the other. Nor force them to call a “he” a “she” and vice versa. The science is settled on this. Humans come in XX or XY, anything other is a rare “abnormality.” Hiding from these facts helps no one.


Transgender students cannot accept who they “are,” but they expect the greater public to accept what they “believe” themselves to be. Their advocates spend a great deal of effort in bullying the public into accepting their “belief,” while they can’t believe the “facts.”


Trans-advocates have teamed up with FCPS regulation writers to force the public into participating in their version of reality. The proposed regulation will force anyone employed at, or attending, an FCPS school to be an actor in the FCPS version of The Truman Show.


Not only are they changing infrastructure allowing them into the private spaces of the opposite sex, they are busy writing scripts for the appropriate language our children and FCPS employees must use when conversing with a transgendered student.


Staff will be asked to rehearse their lines on how to conduct themselves when dealing with a transgender student. They will also rehearse how to keep the script out of the parent’s line of sight so as not to spoil the “twist.”


During rehearsals (a/k/a “training,” (a/k/a/ “re-education”) for the FCPS Truman Show, staff will be given lists of appropriate names and pronouns to use for each transgender student. How FCPS will choose to treat teachers and staff who do not want to participate is anyone’s guess. Requests for clarification have gone unanswered. The working theory is, they will be fired, a la, Matthew Johnston who spoiled the PARCC plot.


For students who don’t wish to participate in calling boys, girls and girls, boys and using silly pronouns like “they” in place of “he” or “she,” the message is clear: all in line or be sent to “re-education” class, suspended and/or receive other punitive measures.


I don’t mean to make light of a very serious issue. We have a very small population of transgender students in our schools and, instead of seeking the medical help they need, FCPS is altering the realities of tens of thousands of people in order to make 5 or 6 people feel “welcome” and “affirmed,” an accommodation they have failed to give any other “bullied,” “unwelcome,” “unaffirmed” student.


The FCPS Truman Show is schedule to open September 5, 2017. Accept your role in the new “reality,” or be fired, shunned, shamed, suspended and/or bullied into compliance.


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