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August 10, 2017

The Beast in North Korea

Harry M. Covert

In memory of Ernie Pyle, the late great, real war correspondent of World War II, and perhaps my third favorite Harry, here's a history lesson for yesterday's date, August 9. It comes from that fateful year of 1945.


In all probability lots of people have no recollection of that day. But, dear patriots, in light of the continuing threat from that diminutive killer and nut case in North Korea, let's be frank and to the point.


"When you have to deal with a beast, you have to treat him as a beast."


The above quote belongs to the piano player and World War I Missouri army captain Harry S Truman. His words came after dropping the second atomic bomb at Nagasaki, Japan.


Doubt is probably beyond belief President Truman would survive today's media boys and girls – and the elitists who brag they know it all, and the rest of the country is nothing more than rubes, dimwits and incompetents.


Mr. Truman never shirked from his responsibility in the A-bomb droppings that saved about two million U.S. soldiers' lives, while the enemies suffered greatly in civilian and military deaths and injuries.


President Donald J. Trump deserves support in issuing his fiery threats to the North Korean tyrant yesterday. After consultation with veterans of the 1950s Korean War, it’s proper to put the 45th president in the Truman class.


He wants to prevent deaths and casualties of American soldiers, women and men, in the Asian Theater.


Time has come for regime change in that part of the world. Surgical strikes and big time air power and other methods must be used promptly to eliminate threats. Waiting for missiles to strike should be out of the question.


Statistics show the U.S. suffered 33,914 lives lost in the Korean War, which some like to call a police action. The latter is an abomination to those who suffered and served.


The North Koreans had a million deaths, 600,000 civilians and 406,000 soldiers. Does the crazy leader want those figures again?


Regime change is a must result for the free world. Our Guam Territory, our allies in South Korea and Japan and our own mainland, don't need the risks.


Actually, why should the most powerful nation on earth put up with such tyrants, murderers, out flat out enemies?


Americans want and work for peace and prosperity. There are other despots, who deserve being removed. Merely because these characters are stupid, mean and like to talk big, is no reason to leave them to keep threatening. They just might be successful. Then what?


Why do Americans have to keep paying enemies billions to promise not to invade their enemies? Doubters that this happens in the Middle East should check, because it's true. North Korea has been getting billions, too.


Oxymorons abound, most especially in government and political areas.


History of the past 80 years or so is evidence that delaying the inevitable is costly beyond measure.


Why should the "land of the free and home of the brave" always pay the awful prices brought on by evil nincompoops who hide behind innocents?


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