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August 3, 2017

The White House in Prayer Mode

Harry M. Covert

Naysayers of the nation, if they are to be believed, are still promoting the phony ideas that America is crumbling, doomed and all hope of the future is disappearing. All these negatives are not so.


Such talk is merely political posturing, hopefully, to make normal, every day citizens to panic, give up and fall for the packs of lies promoters are using.


Yes, the ongoing drivel is intended to give the vicious would-be changers all the gold, the assets, of federal, state and local governments – their hands in the till for all practical purposes. In other countries, such movements would be planning military coups, armed overthrows, and grabbing the central banks. This is not historically new. It is, however, for the 50 States and 16 Territories.


The antidote to all this is well underway. Absolutely and right in the eyes of all of the hearts and minds paying attention.


One of the important facts is that weekly, on Friday's, Bible studies are conducted in the White House. Cabinet officers join the president and the vice president. I would prefer new King James Version of Scripture.


With certainty, the haters will have a field day attempting to deride the Christian moments of dignified solemnity. The powers-that-be have the last word, of course, and I sort of figure that it's amen.


To bring in Divine Guidance to the work of the USA is not new. It is important – despite movements of the past 50 or so years – to rid modern living of anything religious. Christendom has lost far too many battles of late. Let the bells toll.


The spirit of the original 13 colonies was founded in prayer and has continued since despite a host of misanthropes, cynics and pessimists.


Some will get pleasure making light of President Donald Trump's welcoming evangelicals to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Vice President Michael Pence is probably the key influence and advisor to Mr. Trump. He is well known for his strong Christian beliefs and lifestyle.


If the truth is ever released, it was probably be Pence who made sure that "The Mooch" was mustered out of his Acting Communications Director spot recently. I'm purposely not identifying the disreputable fellow.


While there are numerous political differences wracking the nation, one thing is certain: Divine involvement with the current administration is neither outlawed or out of style.


The idea of weekly Bible study with the nation's leaders is appropriate and vital to the nation and the world. Maybe this style will flow to all communities with churches receiving a renaissance, a recharge and respect for the Almighty.


The Trump-Pence team is showing leadership. Solidarity is a good thing. All presidents have depended upon prayer on carrying out their duties. I'm not going to list them all. But why not Abe Lincoln.


Lincoln said he was always driven to his knees in prayer as President No. 16. He entreated: "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us the right."... From his second inaugural.


And here beginneth the new lessons. Fear not. All will be well.


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