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July 27, 2017

Joys at the National Jamboree

Harry M. Covert

Is there any doubt the country is going mad? Actually I'm more astounded every day with the knuckleheads trying their level best to confuse evil with good.


First, driving around the main roads, school buses are placed in full view to alert that schools will be opening soon, and it's time to "stuff the buses" with school supplies of pens and No. 2 pencils, notebooks and crayons.


Who can find fault with this promotion? Stationery stores and the big marketers face competition, I guess. Giving is good for givers and receivers. It always feels warm and fuzzy to help the boys and girls. I'm for it.


Secondly, the stupidity and hatefulness aimed at scouting a few days ago is beyond the pale. In fact the comparison of the scouts at the National Jamboree with "Hitler youth" of the 1930s and 1940s proves that the maliciousness in the nation is epidemic and far past any goodness in the political discourse.


Let's recall. President Donald Trump appeared before 40,000 at Glen Jean, West (by God) Virginia. The scouters were thrilled that The Duly Elected 45th President took the time to appear and extol the virtues of scouting for boys and girls. They cheered and cheered.


Naturally, the haters think it's important to say that Mr. Trump was not a scout. Well, he never was in the armed services either, and he's now Commander-in-Chief of all. He holds more stars signifying rank than anybody. Those men and women wearing all the distinguished military uniforms, including all of the scouts, do snap to and salute. It's courtesy – and recognition – that Mr. Trump is in charge, like it or not. That's the American Way.


Scouting teaches everything that's good; many are honored by reaching the Eagle Scout rank. I can point out that my distinguished brother Norman has been a scout, and, as an adult, led and started troops for years. He knows the scouting movement top to bottom, has always been present to help scouters and guide adults to good community service and the list goes on. He's not only been involved with local and state scouting, but is recognized in national and international venues.


I may be prejudiced, of course, but Norm ranks up there with Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the chief scout and founder of modern Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. He was also a British Army lieutenant general.


Brother Norm has always been distinguished in his Scout uniform. He's a lot younger than General Baden-Powell, who entered Scout Heaven in 1941. He still influences the virtues of the movement. One of Norm's grandchildren is an Eagle Scout and another is earning merit badges.


It matters not a whit that the fools want to demean the Commander-in-Chief and the Scouts. They only hurt the innocents. The ongoing malevolence continues to prove the basic tenets of the Republic are severely and dangerously under attack.


Now, back to the "stuff the buses" movement. I remember the glorious days of my youth preparing for schools, to see our teachers and coaches and classmates. We were fortunate souls. The more time flies, the more I know it.


I recall August days going to the downtown stationery store with my mother buying No. 2 pencils, nib ink pens, similar to quill pens without the quills, and then having a homemade cloth ink blotter and notebooks. Ballpoint and rollerball pens were not even around.


The writing instrument crisis hadn't arrived at the school board. Plus, we did not ride yellow school buses, or have to worry about metal detectors. We walked and weren't afraid.


I do wish and hope youngsters today, called boys and girls in times past, will enjoy the happy days I recall.


One more thing. A test: how many know official salutes, five-fingers, three-, and two?


As Paul Harvey would say, "there's more to the story." That will come another time. "Be prepared."


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