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July 18, 2017

Governor Hoganís Cabinet Still Strong

Harry M. Covert

The beat goes on. I mentioned some days ago that political skullduggery was continuing in Maryland's historic capital city of Annapolis. This was not shocking news because such conduct is always part of the daily regimen by those who consider themselves first among equals.


To recall for a few moments, Senate president Thomas V. "Mike" Miller and his Democrat soul mates always like to get even with sitting Gov. Larry Hogan. That means make life difficult for the bonafide chief executive because he's in and they are out.


This conduct is not unusual for partisans. The will of the people put Mr. Hogan in office. Naturally the nation's longest serving state Senate president likes the position as the second most powerful politician in the Free State. And if he's not accorded such deference, or official posterior oscillation, he gets mad and vengeful.


This intrigue makes for good reading and writing. It's a bonus almost par excellence. I love it.


The distinguished Wendi Peters of Mount Airy is a member of Hogan's cabinet as planning secretary. She has held this position since 2016.


Secretary Peters, and Acting Health Secretary Dennis Schrader, have been snared in the fight between the state Senate and Mr. Hogan. The Democratic controlled Senate leaked that neither would be approved if their nominations were presented.


The nominations were withdrawn. When the legislature ended this past April, Ms. Peters and Mr. Schrader were reappointed. Proper and correct? Most people think so.


Of course, the legislature was determined to water down the governor’s authority. They made several attempts.


The latest maneuvers have been a bit snooty. Maybe I should say the activities from the attorney general and state treasurer were somewhat high-hat, supercilious and arrogant.


The attorney general issued a ruling that the secretaries couldn't be paid. This political intrusion was followed by the state’s treasurer saying she would not pay the legal salaries including the health insurance.


I mentioned previously that these actions were terrible; that the governor needed to fight dirty. Now, I didn't mean something fatal to happen to the trouble makers, but use attack dogs figuratively.


Political operatives on the sly are not always black baggers reminiscent of the 1970s in the nation's capital, but activists who are inside experts with silent facts and figures, the kind political persons don't want in the public domain.


It has come to my attention, and I am compelled to report for the benefit of faithful readers, that moves are underway to squash the untoward activities of the hateful state Senate, the state attorney general and state treasurer.


This is exciting folks. I expect the news to break soon as to the solving of the governor's cabinet matter. It's going to be exhilarating and will be a wonderful lesson for the professionals in and out of office.


The result will not come from the workbooks of the late Lee Atwater or James Carville. If those names are unfamiliar to today's smart political watchers, look them up, either in the library or on Google. They reign supreme in the annals of the nation's election doers.


It's been nice to learn that Governor Hogan is in command. Don't despair. It's easy to fight dirty, but it's better to use the law and that document called the state’s Constitution. The latter was ratified by Maryland voters in 1867.


The word coming is Secretaries Peters and Schrader will still be paid and remain in command at their departments.


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