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June 29, 2017

Salivating for the Hustings

Harry M. Covert

In this land of milk and honey, it's not too early to slide into the Independence weekend celebrations. For sure, we can dispense with the familiar verbal rough-housing constantly perpetrated on all of us innocents.


When all else fails, the writing fraternity can come up with tales of all sorts involving the national scene. That's too easy.


Somehow in a recent dialogue on local politics, this space accidentally failed to mention several names in the midst of coming elections.


Seems like there was a lapse in research. Proper admonitions have been made, finger raps on the laptop keys, and a loss of press cards possible.


First, apologies to Frederick County Councilman Billy Shreve. He's in the state Senate primary battle in District 3. He'll be facing already announced Republican candidate Craig Giangrande.


The victor in the September primary will face incumbent Sen. Ron Young. The latter defied reports from Annapolis that he would leave his august seat. Instead, he's in the bag for another run as a Democrat. There had been chatter he wanted to regain Frederick city's mayorship. Oh well, talk is cheap.


Other chit-chat has circulated for months that numerous prominent citizens want Sheriff Chuck Jenkins to consider jumping in the race for county executive.


Latest polls from the "smart people" indicate Mr. Jenkins is the most popular across-the-board politician in the state's largest county.


His successful performance as sitting three-term sheriff has caught the attention of the Make America Great Again officials, including No. 45. He's high on the list of advice givers at the Department of Justice.


While it's nice to be wanted, Sheriff Jenkins "loves the job as Sheriff" and will stay in his "favorite" position. As an aside, the High Sheriff declined Gov. Larry Hogan's offer to head the state police.


Sheriff Jenkins decision to remain is probably good news for the current county executive (CE). Councilman Kirby Delauter leads a list of two others driving for the Republican nomination for CE.


It should be mentioned that State's Attorney Charlie Smith is seeking re-election and likely will be unopposed.


No doubt other candidates are salivating at the prospects of public office. The more the merrier, of course. The names will be coming.


I still think a special quiz for candidates should include memorizing the English alphabet backwards, then reciting it before the county's cable channel.


Educator Hayden Duke, an alderman candidate for Frederick, could moderate, "z y x w."


Let the fun and games begin.


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