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As Long as We Remember...

June 26, 2017

A Tale of Two Foxes

Edward Lulie III

If you have Sirius satellite radio, or have cable television, you can get both the Fox News and Fox Business channels. I listen often and have noticed that there is a bit of a schism in attitude between them.


Fox Business was largely dismissive of Donald Trump and surprised by his election. Coverage has been largely positive, but every day I cringe at the incessant refrain of "But what does this mean for Tax Cuts?" or the ever popular "What about tax cuts!"


It is truly all "tax cuts" all the time. Yet the programming is pretty balanced and most talking sessions bring at least one well known Democrat in, although I quickly hit the channel change if that person follows the "Scream over the opposition and just restates the talking points of the day" tactics as so many do.


Not really surprising that the left has been so clueless for the last year. Hint! If you think that President Trump is doomed due to polling numbers, then you are not aware that the polls are clueless as well.


Fox Business does a good job of covering the news as well. Fox News is the polar opposite of CNN (in a good way). Shepard Smith is often at odds with other Fox newscasters and seems like a "never Trumper," still breathlessly waiting his downfall. Otherwise the coverage is largely good and – for Donald Trump – mostly positive.


Debates on air too often placate the left by allowing them to talk (i.e. shout over) the others and letting them have the final word, which is often just the main Democratic National Committee (DNC) talking point of the day. Yet, if you listen to both Fox Business and Fox News, you will come away with the idea that they provide hardly one viewpoint or one opinion.


Sadly the "Fair and Balanced" promise is no more. This comes while the Washington Post, in war mode, changed over to a banner of "Democracy Dies in Darkness." Of course, they want and believe that the only light must always be theirs. After the new season of House of Cards, it appeared that many reporters and columnists had binge watched to the point where Frank Underwood and Donald Trump had morphed together in their minds, and they were thus aghast when condemnations of President Trump were not universally agreed upon. You could see the confusion of reality and Netflix in their faces.


Fox, in general, does provide pretty good coverage, but it is by no means the right-wing propaganda machine the left believes it to be, rather it is far more a center of the political spectrum news organization, which shows just how Pravda legacy media has become as they have moved left.


The schism inside Fox is what we see to a large extent in the Republican Party. Big Business wields a lot of power, which is why they were totally sold on Hillary (and she on them).


Not sure they have been at all happy with a president who not only doesn't need their money, but who understands what they do corruptly and  behind the scenes all the while as legacy media (some watchdog of the public trust it is) ignores all that and barks incessantly at Donald Trump. The lap dog of the left continues to go insane when all of the barking and yapping is rewarded by a bang on the fence via a Trump tweet.


When the bills to end Obamacare and lower taxes are produced in the weeks to come, the real challenge will be what the establishment will do to thwart the progress of one Donald Trump. Will we see if the big business owners, senators and representatives strangle the legislation as it is born? Or will the pragmatists among them actually consider what is good for the country and support needed changes?


I am hopeful, but skeptical. To read the winds of change you might listen to Fox Business and Fox News so that you can make your own mind up. Short of being an insider on Capitol Hill, it is the best primer of today's politics.


Fox is better than anything else out there, even if they are no longer claiming to be "fair and balanced."


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