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As Long as We Remember...

June 23, 2017

Subjective Emotions v. Objective Law

Cindy A. Rose

June 14, 2017. Remember this day as the day Frederick County traditions and respect for the rule of law came under assault from the progressive left.


Winchester Hall was under attack and being defended by conservative protectors of the law. All we asked was that a citizen of Frederick be here legally and commit no crimes. It’s a basic law and not hard to understand.


With their signs of “diversity” held high at City Hall, we see that “diversity” only means diversity of “skin color.” Down the street the Board of Education Central Office was under attack and being defended by conservative protectors of diversity of “thought.” All we asked was that “every” students’ rights be protected, not just a small minority. This, too, is a very basic law and not hard to understand.


What complicates both of these issues for one side are emotions. There is little space in matters of justice for emotions.


When everyone agrees that all are entitled to “pursue” happiness, there are bound to be conflicts of coterminous liberties. Where does my right to pursue happiness end and yours begin?


On June 14, 2017, the lines were drawn. Progressives believe your rights end where they “say” they do based on feelings and emotions. Conservative’s believe your rights end where they infringe upon mine and break the law. I find it ironic that you will mostly find the “Coexist” bumper stickers owned by progressives who don’t even believe in coexistence.


The solution conservatives want for the immigration 287(g) issue are: come here legally, and commit no crime. Progressives want us to accept everyone regardless of legal status. This runs afoul of laws that prohibit illegal immigrants from holding jobs, thus immediately throwing them on the public dole. Once on the dole, millions of dollars will be spent on them for housing, medical and sustenance needs. Progressives never once take into consideration that funding these needs takes valuable financial resources from Meals on Wheels and other programs.


The solution conservatives wanted for Frederick County Board of Education policy 443 (transgender bathroom/locker room/sports accommodations) were: single use, non-gender bathrooms/locker rooms and co-ed sports. This might take a couple of extra tax dollars, the only thing it runs afoul of is forced acceptance in the belief that transgenderism is normal human condition. Progressives will give no ground. A conservative’s only choice is to believe that girls can be boys or be berated and accused of bigotry. Biology is not bigotry.


With these issues as the backdrop, the elections of 2018 have severe consequences. Does Frederick County want to continue down the emotional road of progressivism and Marxist rule disguised as Utopia, or does it want to change trajectory and head back toward real conservatism and the strong belief in real freedom.


Progressives and Democrats will drape themselves in “freedom” during an election cycle, but I ask you not to fall victim to what is most often a lie. Once elected most Democrats believe your input is now in a state of suspended animation until the next election cycle when you will once again be “allowed” to be sovereign.


Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians also drape themselves in the lie of freedom. Once elected many of them will also put your opinions in a drawer until the next election cycle.


The goal this election cycle is to vote for the conservative, (a progressive will never fit this category) who understands with specificity and can articulate what “freedom” and “sovereignty” are, and is willing to take the heat for defending them. As harsh as it sounds, there is little space for feelings when protecting liberty.


So that we are clear, liberty is the ability to live your life without interference and harassment of others as long as you aren’t violating their rights while doing so. Rights do not equal “feelings.” Making you sad or angry is not a violation of your rights. Offending others is not against the law, nor worthy of a public flogging.


Freedom was hard fought to win. It’s proving even a harder fight to maintain.


Which will you choose: governance of subjective emotions, or governance of objective law?


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