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June 19, 2017

Searching for a Reason

Richard B. Weldon Jr.

They told us it was collusion. Whispered conversations between Trump campaign officials and Russian government officials, in the dark hallways of power in Washington, in secret meetings in Trump Tower, or in tightly access-controlled government buildings in the former Soviet Union.


Of course, “they” were never clearly defined. Prior to the inauguration, the rumored agents were incoming National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.), former campaign manager Paul Manafort, or even senior Trump advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner.


Anonymous sources, the highly-placed variety, were responsible for the first trickles of rumor and innuendo. That first set of secretly-sourced reports back in January have now become a raging flood. Each report, leaked to newspapers, already inclined to attack the Trump Administration anyway, has built upon its predecessor, serving as a cudgel for national cable media and the Democrats in Congress (and elsewhere).


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., CA), the House Minority Leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D. NY), her Senate counterpart, and their team of congressional Trump opposition, have been given almost unlimited access on the CNN and MSNBC airwaves. To hear them tell it, Russia used phishing attacks through the Internet to elect Donald Trump, ergo there has to have been a steady communication and collaboration between his campaign and Boris & Natasha in Moscow. (If you don’t get the Rocky and Bullwinkle reference, ask someone over 45 years of age).


What they’re really telling us is that they think anyone that voted for Donald Trump is an idiot. They really, truly believe that! Just like Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama felt that fly-over Americans were too enamored of their God & guns. To the national bright (?) lights of the Democratic National Committee, and almost every elected Democrat in any position of power, this last election was a trailer park election. Poorly educated, low-skill workers rallied around a clown, and instead of just clapping at his performances, they actually elected him president.


Well, in their eyes, that’s just not an unacceptable outcome. They cannot, and will not, leave it at that. Their able assistants on 24/7 cable news and the major liberal press are conspiring and colluding to keep up a constant drumbeat of doubt. Fortunately for them, they’ve had some high profile and well-timed help.


Some of that help, unbelievably, even comes from President Trump himself. If he were seeking advice, most rational analysts would tell him to knock off the Twitter updates. Those 141 characters are a fool’s paradise, especially when the fool is trying to describe something complex. Sadly, the president loves his 100 million Twitter followers, so he’s compelled to chat with them. It could ultimately turn out to be his undoing.


Even if Mr. Trump did ditch the Twitter account, he’d still be fighting the combined forces of the media and Democrats. Remember when President Obama was first elected and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., KY), then the Senate Minority Leader, promised to make Mr. Obama a one-term president? His actions, compared to those of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, look like a child’s tea party in comparison to a biker gang fight. The Democrats have better weapons, and it looks like they’ll use everything they can get their hands on.


First it was tax returns. That got dismissed. Then it was racism, also tossed away. Next came the James Comey circus. Mr. Comey, the fired Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) head, effectively employed strategic leaks to ensure that a special counsel was tapped to investigate what he felt was potential obstruction of justice. Emphasis here on “felt,” because factually, it appears to be a shaky conclusion.


But you’ve gotta hand it to big Jim Comey. He wanted to see a special counsel appointed, and by having a cutout (spy lingo) friend reach out to a willing newspaper, he figured out how to “git-er-done!”


Now it’s Robert Mueller’s turn to grab the spotlight. Appointed by Deputy Attorney General (and former U.S. Attorney for Maryland) Rod Rosenstein, Mr. Mueller has been given the keys to what is in effect a Trump team rotor-rooter. More than a dozen lawyers and investigators are free to probe, dig, sniff and search. Former FBI Director Mueller just happens to be a longtime close friend of Mr. Comey. Think that won’t matter? Then I’ve got a bridge to sell you…cheap.


The facts are very different than the speculation. After a year of investigation, there is still no evidence that a member of Trump’s team actively or passively colluded with the Russians. There is still no evidence that the Russians did anything other than what they have been doing for decades, which is to try to impact the American electoral process. There is also no evidence of President Trump obstructing justice.


Some will say “no evidence that we’ve seen, you mean.” With the state of leaks within the administration, the Justice Department and the Congress, nothing is secure anymore. Leaks are the new power play in Washington. If you have some juicy info, then you get invited to the black-tie circuit in Georgetown. Trust me, if there was actual evidence of wrongdoing, it would already be on the front page of the Washington Post or New York Times.


So, Special Counsel Mueller, his growing team and his handmaidens in the congressional minority and liberal media, will continue their exhaustive search for a reason. Because they damned sure aren’t conducting a search for the truth.


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