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June 13, 2017

Free Speech and Dirty Talking

Harry M. Covert

It is rather curious how careless well-known figures can be in the public arena with their words and conduct. The questionable talk is totally out of control and should not be described as locker room or drunken sailors expletives.


Were this space asked for some public relations guidance, and I've had a number of years in the game, I'd recommend that Mr. T, the 45th chief executive, knock off the tweeting, stop responding to the critics and go about the business of enjoying his place in the history of this nation.


Another dismay involves the Vietnam War hero. It's disturbing to even consider any criticism of Arizona's senior senator.


John McCain, at 80, has served his country beyond measure. He survived six years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton. He was a presidential candidate in 2008.


Obviously he is not a fan of the current occupant of the White House even though both are GOPs. Senator McCain in an Interview with London newspaper, The Guardian, said the United States was better governed by Barack Obama.


Senator McCain is chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. This is a big, important committee. He is a ranking Republican leader and should be helping President Trump, the GOP leader.


It's extremely difficult to back competitors and winners. Mr. McCain is helping the vicious opponents of the November victor.


The country is in turmoil not seen since the 1960s. Political combatants certainly have to learn to get along for the best interests of their constituents.


I was taken aback by Harvard's famed Laurence Tribe, professor of Constitutional Law, for his use of foul language on a Sunday cable show. I'm not going to spell out the comment, but he compared Trump's leadership worse than impeached President Clinton's sexcapade with an intern.


Professor Tribe's comment came on the heels of Kathy Griffin's picture of a beheaded Mr. Trump, plus the use of the n-word by television gabmeister Bill Maher. I should also mention Ms. Griffin made an offensive remarked about Sarah Palin's Down syndrome son. All out of bounds.


Laughter and comedy are great. Use of filthy language by leaders and media darlings is wrong and not funny.


The language of the nation has declined so rapidly that cussing and curse words in public are accepted everywhere. There's a difference between free speech and dirty talking.


The president needs to watch his blurbs. It's getting old. Hearing other electeds thinking its fine cussing out the president is unbecoming.


Somebody in the political arena ought to be preaching party loyalty.


Like I mentioned, it's difficult to jump on Senator McCain. I don't like those saying he is suffering mental matters.


Suggestions of term limits will arise again. Seems that terms are already set. If voters object, they should go to the polls and stop belly-aching.


I'm taking advantage of my own advice. Use the new and fancy remotes, hit the off and delete buttons.


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