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June 6, 2017

The Sky's Not Going to Fall

Harry M. Covert

Ohmigosh. Apologies to the faithful readers of this space. It must be time to panic. According to the alleged know-it-alls, those of us whose hearts are still beating, plus those depending on their cardiologists, the world may be coming to an end.


The scammers seem entrenched, bound and determined to keep us on the edge, that the boondoggle of the ages may just come true.


Just what in the world – covfefe if you please, or not – am I pointing out in typeface?


My 50-plus-year-old manual Royal typewriter gathers dust. Still works, however slow. The laptop computer has replaced the activity even though the swindlers and charlatans keep babbling that world just might come to an end in a hundred or so years.


Excuse me, I neglected to mention the sky's not falling. No Chicken Little. Divine Scripture says no man knows the hour or time when mortals will cease. My great-great-grandchildren thereabouts will face the coming destruction a century or more in the future.


Of course, I care about our world. Let's not be trashing it. The greatest gag of the past 60 years is so-called global warming and now climate control.


I've been waiting for scientists to figure a way to stop thunderstorms, typhoons, hurricanes and other abnormalities.


I haven't gone mad. It has become rather tiresome to hear that American taxpayers must keep providing grants in the billions of dollars for academics to merely study atmospheric threats that no human can control and to international boondoggles.


Those daredevil pilots who fly into the eyes of hurricanes for meteorological purposes are brave and brilliant. But they can't stop the 'Canes from hitting towns and cities in the southern areas of northern hemisphere. 


Following all this dither is a reminder of the great huckster/showman P.T. Barnum who said, if we believe the scribes of the mid-19th century, "there's a sucker born every minute."


Mark Twain described the global warming stuff this way, "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."


We all love politics and the goofiness it brings. I can borrow H.L. Mencken's political description, "ratty, raffish, sordid, obscene and low-down." I know he's reached writer's Heaven, but his bombastic words of the 1940s are apropos in today's statecraft if I can get away with that word.


All the funding being spread around on the mystical weather warming could be better used in space and other areas. It's a nice thought to fly to far away planets. Such ideas were certainly promulgated by fictional characters like as Buck Rogers, Tom Corbett, Clark Kent. Mr. Kent was a newspaperman, from Krypton and he is Superman.


There is no need for any hysteria that climate change is going to kill the planet or require mass moving to Mars.


This is not intended to hurt anyone's feelings. I realize the world as we know it today will be different 10 decades from now. I won't attempt to make predictions. It is probable that grass will still be green, cows will give milk, family drones may replace cars, and spacecraft will be standard air travel.


No reason to worry.


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