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As Long as We Remember...

May 30, 2017

The Secret of the Radicals

Harry M. Covert

It's the day after. Yes, the day after honoring the nation's fallen military heroes. The cost of freedom? This is no time to be verbose or philosophical. Practicality may be the answer.


It is mighty easy to forget the prices and the costs of victory. I've had the good fortune of family members who have served honorably in the services and combat units.


I was either too young or in between the call to arms. My admiration for those who served is beyond measure. My 1A draft card from Selective Service is kept a treasured document as a reminder. I was never called.


Respect for those men and women who died and those who still serve is never-ending.


Too often we citizens are mighty comfortable with our lives, regardless of personal trials and tribulations, and we don't think of battlefields. We should.


The price has been severe to keep peace for our country. The cost beyond the shores is even greater.


Just why the USA has become the world's protector or policeman is misunderstood. Check the history books. Who else has been given the role? No matter what the enemies promote, Americans aren't interested in conquering or domineering the world, looking for colonies, or to imprison. Or to imperil suffering people.


The concept of the United Nations certainly is good. The organization basically goes through the motions of defending nation states. When situations go to pot, it's the robust US that is forced to step it.


I know US forces are joined by other allies, but not at the immense levels of troops, ammunition, food and other things.


The big question confronting us continues to be in Afghanistan, Iraq and Asia, most specifically North Korea. I'm not forgetting the situations in Iran and Palestine.


How often the question is asked "how long?" No matter the talk, conferences or theories, there is no end in sight for peace in these areas. The free world, as we live it and know it, is under constant threat and turmoil.


Whether we like it or not, the nation is under attack within and without. Currently radical Islamists make no bones about their intentions. Is this a secret? No!


That freedom of religion as constitutionally guaranteed is a wonderful right. This practice is performed daily in every corner of the nation. Even those who oppose religious beliefs can do so without recriminations.


How many public school events, public governmental entities and other public institutions can't have prayers before or after official proceedings without retaliation? They are ad nauseam.


States like Maryland are attempting to allow Islamic students to have prayer rooms in public schools. Some even want to allow Islamic holidays inserted into the school calendar.


But traditional schools can't offer Christian invocations.


These situations are insipid, dreadful and leading the nation down the prim rose path. May I remind people? The US was founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, not Sharia-Judeo-Christian ethics.


It's dumbfounding to read and hear public officials say sharia-law can be integrated in our society. It cannot and must not be infused. Nor should schools anywhere be teaching Moslem practices. There are mosques for that purpose.


The above is the creeping evil. No other freedom-loving country will come to help us in this criminal invasion. This is not funny in any way, shape, or form.


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