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May 26, 2017

Hurrah! For Our Wonderfully Designed Democratic Republic

Patricia A. Kelly

Yes, he’s a little rough around the edges here at home. His White House is behind on appointments and a little jumbled, with communications issues and leaks. At the same time, President Donald Trump is being persecuted and ridiculed, unquestionably, by the media and his enemies.


His timing can be off. His firing of James Comey, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director, was perfect in the sense that there is no good time to fie someone, flawed only in that Director Comey was not notified privately.


No matter what has been said about Russian interference with the election/collusion among the Trump campaign staff, allegations regarding the campaign appear to exist largely in the imaginations of Trump’s detractors. Mr. Comey did not an institution make, and the Russia investigation not only continues, but includes the much sought-after special counsel, well-respected former FBI Director Robert Mueller.


As for Michael Flynn, he was fired, appropriately.


Again, no matter that slurs abound regarding Trump’s choice of world leaders to invite to the White House, his willingness to meet with anyone, enemy or friend, is a huge strength. “Keep your friends close.  Keep your enemies closer.”


Where President Trump really shines is in foreign policy. Not only is he meeting the players, he is making decisions and taking stands that are both correct and in America’s interest. He openly tells foreign leaders what he stands for. What a refreshing change from the last administration.


President Trump has shown remarkable decisiveness – in the precision bombing of the Syrian air base, the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan, in taking on Kim Jung Un, in openly standing against Iran, receiving well-deserved and underreported accolades from around the world.


President Barack Obama, with his protected classes, multi-culturalism, multi-lingualism, reflexive anti-police rhetoric, threatened withdrawal of funds from school systems that didn’t agree with his bathroom policy decisions, and interference with regulations that should be left to states, contributed to the divisiveness within our country. His foreign policy was a disaster for the United States and the world.


From the apology tour that marked the early days of his presidency, to his abject failure to work with Arab states in our combined battle against Islamist extremism, Mr. Obama made the world a more dangerous place. He failed to provide requested arms support to Jordan. He supported Mohammad Morsi, an extreme Islamist, in Egypt. He may have kissed the ring of the Saudi king, but he certainly made no friends there, and the Saudis can be pivotal in fighting terrorism.


President Trump met with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, a very creepy Islamist, now persecuting the Sufi Muslim followers of Imam Muhammed Fethullah Gülen, and other Turkish citizens. He then made the brilliant decision to arm Sunni Kurdish fighters, some of our best allies in the fight against ISIS.


Of course, this and other foreign policy triumphs are being ignored by American media, who are entirely preoccupied with finding some scandal to bring President Trump down. Their comfortable system, and that of our “normal” political leadership, are in real danger. They want him gone. Their lives, as they know them, are at stake.


President Trump is standing with, and creating allies in, the Middle East, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi  of Egypt, King Abdullah II of Jordan, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and others who are either fighting now or ready to join the fight, now that their trust in the U.S. is being restored.


Mr. Trump has made clear he has no intention of continuing one of America’s most flawed policies, nation building, and the installation of democracy in other countries. How ridiculous an effort we have been making, attempting to re-create other countries and other cultures in our image. Are these people ready for American democracy? No way. At last, an American president is showing respect for different religions and cultures, something long missing from our foreign policy initiatives. The main stand, and possibly the only one we should be taking, is for human rights, including those of women.


Yes, President Trump is a flawed man, and a different president. He talks too much off the cuff. He doesn’t quite get the utterly ludicrous machinations of our government leaders in Washington. What outsider would?


What anyone using a modicum of common sense would do about Washington, and Congress, would be to expose them, their self-aggrandizement and collusion – for what they are – a detriment to our wonderfully designed democratic republic.


For once, we have a chance to put things right.


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