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As Long as We Remember...

May 25, 2017

Terrorism in Mufti

Harry M. Covert

There's no reason to beat around the bushes. The scourge of terrorism continues to plague the planet, and our security agencies continue their alerts and preparations to protect us.


Factually, local and state security forces do not take terrorism threats lightly. To use the scouting words "be prepared." Police agencies are always ready.


This is no time to be sloganeering. The present must be concerning to us all because personal dangers are everywhere. Yes we can put on happy faces, but reality is vital.


We must take seriously the terrorism that again raised its ugly head in Manchester, England. Terrorism by suicide bombers – or other means – can occur again in our hometowns. It is indeed scary and should be.


In my neighborhood there are nice signs appearing in various languages welcoming people from other countries. Surely these are nice gestures. They mean well and show sweetness and light.


No matter though, Americans must be alert. If they, we, see something that's not proper and correct report it to authorities. It ranks with knowing and seeing home invasions, assaults, murders, road rages, drug dealing and other felonies.


Until the hearts and minds of "evil losers" and others are changed terrorism will continue.


There are lots of lessons to be learned from the murderous terrorists. To be frank, the battle for another world evil domination isn't one between Protestants of numerous Christian denominations. There is no need here to spell out the names of terrorist perpetrators. It's more than obvious.


The nation and the world is fighting for its future freedom and peace. The threats of terrorism are perhaps greater than ever. No joke. These events must be stopped and sweet talk isn't going to work. I might add that big dollar payoffs to the killers won't work either.


How to combat a person willing to die is a major question, impossible to answer. Pardon this reference but even The Sopranos' Dr. Melfi doesn't have the solution. Oh, do evil losers pay attention to women?


As much as the good people wish and pray for a panacea, only strength in fighting the killers will work.


Talk is cheap, as the old adage notes, but unless the free world unites to combat terrorists, the war will continue forever.


Events of this week from our English cousins are horrifying, 22 killed and 120 injured (according to a Manchester newspaper) and thousands of lives impacted and not to be forgotten.


It's difficult to forget or ignore U.S. terrorism since 9/11 and throughout the nation. How can we? I like the words "be ye kind one to another." It's rather difficult to be kind to "evil losers."


There's no fun or joy seeing the degradation of Monday past. The unexpected is gruesome. It's hard to see the modern uniforms of the enemies -- suicide vests in mufti.


I firmly believe the vast majority of Americans are people of good will. Despite warts of the nation, the people are magnanimous, charitable and want to make the world a better place.


The burden, most certainly, is on our nation. Now, pardon this slangy expression, "when all else fails grab the problem by the throat."


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