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May 23, 2017

Moab is Our Washpot

Harry M. Covert

Most of the times it's imperative just to laugh and chuckle at all of the goings-on in the political world. If we don't grin and bear it with all of booyah, we lose good thinking when laughs are better.


So, what in the name of Sam Hill is the topic today? The left wingers allowed to infiltrate today are really do-nothing's who truly don't have sense to pour sand out of a boot. They have become professional obfuscators and pains in the butt... tocheses. They are really anarchists disguised as progressives.


Their party line isn't what's best for the people, rather how to destroy the greatness of a land of good and plenty.


These people believe if you tell a lie long enough some poor souls will believe it. And their mothers won't wash out their mouths with Ivory soap, with "99 and 44 one 100 percent pure" results.


Such hogwash abounds about the billionaire's firing of a Hoover man, you know the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). There has been rumors of J. Edgar's joy of either cross dressing or sexual orientation.


The nephew of an FBI Los Angeles legal eagle said: "He never asked me to dance." I love wits.


But, there are so many nitwits out there in the political and media fields that some act like they are baffled. Not so. They don't use the adage "if you can't dazzle with your diligence, baffle 'em with your bull."


The jealousy out there is so rampant the followers use the “same old same old” of the left wing camps.


I well know the states of the union are split, divided and some have no regard for those with other ideas, especially how to deal with safety and world problems.


The old Andy Griffith line of "save yo Confederate money boys, the south's gonna rise again" is truly funny. Not practical in the modern time. It is good to point out that Middle America has been awakened. The puzzling thing is the elitists are astonished at what's going on in the hearts and minds in the hinterlands. The people aren't fooled by the would-be rule makers.


For Heaven's sakes just because good Americans have a clue to the destroyers doesn't mean they are racists or stupid or anti-helping or caring about fellow citizens.


One of my favorite actions has been military efforts for peace in Afghanistan and learning about MOAB. Let me spell it out: the Air Force's Mother-Of-All-Bombs. This dandy was something some weeks ago in that God-forsaken place not worth anything as far as I'm concerned.


Bible readers may recall a Psalm verse: "Moab is my washpot." Caught my memory, from Psalm 60:8, which I believe is a place of contempt. I have nothing but contempt for those battlefields.


Whether or not the antis believe in the good things of American society, the issue is to protect the nation from the hurtful obfuscators so prevalent. I dislike use of the word "liars." Not nice.


As Miss Marple would say: "Old sins cast long shadows." Or "the past is prologue." I could go on but clichés get in the way.


Envy and jealousy of the president's success is incredible. Certainly people need not agree with him on everything but it's sinful the anti's are so hateful and desirous of attempting a coup – an overthrow, a putsch. That's what they are trying.


Here endeth the lesson. So be it.


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