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May 12, 2017

A Country Divi…ded

Patricia A. Kelly

The demonization of President Donald Trump marches on, ever more creative and ever more vulgar. “He’s going to start World War III.” “He’s a malignant narcissist with psychotic components.” “He hates people who aren’t white Christians.” “He will take health care away from the poor.” “He will destroy the country.” “He’s in love, or lust, with his daughter.”




He will do nothing of the sort, and he has never said he would. Half of the people in the United States voted for him for president. We think he’s doing a fine job. We are so happy we don’t have a socialist-criminal as our president.


Speaking of which, how many of you were ever charged with a crime, or even excessive speed, were asked if you had criminal intent when you did it? Can you even believe Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton got away with endangering national security through careless email handling because they didn’t intend to commit a crime? How do you think that defense would work for you?


I know it’s said there is a disease going around called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” and, if that’s the case, a lot of people have it.  Just as in alcoholism or morbid obesity, you must take a sip or a bite to see its’ effects. Before you riot or break windows, you must make a decision that has little to do with your dismay over the election.


You must decide it is okay to break the law, seriously disrupt the lives and property of others, scream obscenities at a sitting president, or pay someone to do so.


Just to let you know, it’s not okay.


When I first encountered Donald Trump during his campaign for president, I could not stand him. I thought he was an extreme narcissist, and that this personality disorder was too serious for him to be a safe president. I watched him closely, completely intolerant of his off-the-cuff tweets, and his manner of speaking. (I always favor tact over flamboyance.)


After months of observation, I began to understand him. He, like most world leaders, is certainly somewhat narcissistic. People without a touch of it don’t usually think they’re capable of running a country. Is President Trump dangerously narcissistic? No way!!


One handicap he suffers is that he is not a good speaker, certainly not in comparison to Bill Clinton in his heyday, or to Barack Obama. His repeated phrases, “very quickly, a lot, very badly….” make me think of the country’s reaction, after the Kennedy assassination, to having Lyndon Johnson as president. The end of Camelot, with its’ beauty and grace, and the beginning of barbeques and backslapping on the White House lawn…. Many of us were grief stricken after John Kennedy’s death, and we surely noted the difference, as we do now, missing the smooth, hip, self-righteous charm of President Obama.


Charm, however, is not substance. Don’t ever make that mistake. Donald Trump is rough around the edges, but he is smart, competent, moderate, able to adjust to real world events, willing to negotiate, even with enemies, and a caring human being. He’s an old fashioned manly man, not emotionally expressive. He’s no more a misogynist that any other 70-year-old Caucasian billionaire who has been fawned over by women his whole life.


Democrats say they care about the flyovers, those in the heartland, who are doing construction, building cars, farming, serving their country, and attending their kids’ basketball games, except for those nasty police, of course. They say they need to do a better job with their message. How ridiculous!


It’s not their message. Their demonization of a legally elected president is a continuation of what they were doing that lost them that election, and many others, over the past several years. What these celebrities and snowflakes, self-righteous pundits, clingers to safe spaces, and Kool-Aid drinkers are saying is that half of the population of the United States is ignorant, hateful, and worthless. That’s the half that puts food on their tables, cars in their driveways, God into their pulpits and much, much more.


So far, all that misunderstood half has done is to vote them out of office, and stop watching their movies and television shows. They remain oblivious, chatting like magpies to themselves in the mirror, undercutting our democracy and demonstrating their own disregard for half of our people.


It’s becoming annoying.


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