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As Long as We Remember...

May 8, 2017

Reject the Paris Accord

Edward Lulie III

President Donald Trump is considering a withdrawal from the Climate Change Agreement known as the Paris Accord. Rather than reality based projects, the money largely goes to dictators, corrupt regimes and "scientists," who will spend days drinking lattes and consider how many carbon molecules can dance on the head of Al Gore, the patron saint of cultists and "scientists."


I would guess that accountability for the money is as non-existent as is the need for us to waste it supporting this cult. Any science that claims it is settled, but denies the need for challenge and experimental testing, is not a science.


I strongly urge President Trump to fully withdraw from any agreements that the Obama Administration made and to ignore the critics, who will never support him anyway.


If the money is to be used, suppose we consider spending it by working on ways to clean up our oceans and provide clean drinking water to people who desperately need it. It is pretty unlikely that local despots will be very successful getting rich off water pumps and filtering equipment, although one should never underestimate the ability of thugs to profit from the good will of the U.S.


Clean water is a proven need. Socialist, communist or capitalist ideology isn't required to champion it. It is not necessary for former Vice President Gore to jet around the world lamenting the U.S. failure to canonize him.


A federal supported program designed to improve our scientific research in water treatment and production could really benefit arid regions of the world. Regions exist where the ability to get water could transform them from wastelands to places that could prosper and thrive. Desalination works, but the cost of the energy required in the process is still exorbitant. Reducing that cost significantly would make it more affordable and would yield an improvement in the quality of life for many people who currently lack adequate water supplies.


Silicon Valley, while ideologically married to the leftist polices in California, is quietly and rapidly fleeing to the less taxed and regulated states of Nevada and Texas. California has made a left turn and driven off the cliff of reality; the increased tax burden, insane nanny state regulations, and general incompetence are driving companies and individuals to relocate.


This isn't widely reported, just as Pravda probably reported the Berlin Wall was there to stop individuals from entering the progressive paradise of East Germany from the regressive West rather than say what it actually was, a prison wall designed to keep the workers in "paradise.” The Bear state may just reconsider border walls to be a good thing if the exodus continues.


The companies moving to Nevada will discover that there is a problem with getting enough clean water for industry, agriculture and personal consumption. As new factories are built and the population increases, the need for more clean water will increase the demand to find solutions and will create a political opportunity to encourage solutions and research.


President Trump has a wonderful chance to get ahead and take advantage to direct things in a sane way. Spend the money Mr. Gore would waste on climate change and bureaucrats on investments for solutions to the problems of water shortages and waste treatment. Consider that anyone who helpfully suggests that the solution is to impose more limits on lifestyles and usage (the California answer) be immediately exiled to Los Angeles where they can enjoy progressivism's goals of sharing misery and pain. Too harsh? I think not.


Actually helping people in the third world to have improved access to clean water is simple humanity. President Trump can lead this effort. It won't earn him anything but scorn and skepticism from Democrats, and the legacy media. Reality, as they have repeatedly demonstrated, is not something with which they are familiar.


The push for improved science and clean drinking water could yield successes, which would have a lasting impact on life and civilization. We should act now.


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