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April 7, 2017

Gassing vs. Bombs and Bullets

Harry M. Covert

I am commiserating with the ongoing tragedy in Syria. Incredibly, the chemical warfare that killed so many innocents has far surpassed the pale of evil some have called war crimes.


How devastating it is for the free world to wring its hands at the indiscriminate murders, gassing and executions in that Middle East land.


Why does it take pictures of gassed people to inflame us? The tragic news photos of beheadings over the past years have been just as startling as the chemical warfare. The alarms have been blaring.


Why is the use of chemicals so astonishing? Aren't bullets and bombs just as murderous? Of course.


All talk about the "rules of war" is nonsense. Okay, there's the Geneva Convention. High technological advances include improvised explosive devices (IED) that blow up civilian and military vehicles, leavings soldiers dead and maimed.


The continuing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have faced the world a long time. The United States has been in the forefront of battling the rogue nations and obvious enemies. The nation has paid incredible prices trying to bring peace in dollars and lives.


Leaders in Washington are always saying and promoting that the national treasury is broke, yet they always find billions of dollars to overcome the world's most evil countries.


Elementary on the world stage? No. The reality of the ongoing wars is "war crimes" continue. There is no end in sight. The USA's best and brightest women and men are giving their lives, talents and treasures in efforts to make a safe world.


It is more fun to talk about local issues instead of gassings, beheadings and religious fighting. In Frederick County, Maryland, the battles rage over "tasting rooms" for the burgeoning beer, wine and spirits industries. No one seems to be shooting and killing over boozing, to use an old time slang word. Beer halls and beer joints. Of course, the day of prohibition of spirits has long gone. No cries from Protestant leaders are vocal these days.


We keep hearing what sounds as braggadociosness of the highest order that the U.S. is the most powerful nation and leader of the world. True. Yet all this strength and dominance seems muted.


No, this nation doesn't like or want war, but it sure is willing to suffer losses in attempts to cajole dictators to be nice.


Watching the chemical warfare in Syria this week certainly makes us cry. It is disgusting that peace loving countries put up with the likes of Syria's Assad and North Korea's Kim Jung Un and others who keep their killing machines in high gear.


Frankly, dealing with these international killers is absurd? Dealing with them is impossible, comparable to making love to snakes, alligators and sharks, etcetera. You get my point.


There are those who like to compare the Mideast religious fights to the Protestant-Catholic wars of the past. Americans need history lessons concerning the Sunni/Shiite sects.


There's no sense beating around the bush. That dispute, to characterize it nicely, will never be solved. Debate it but it won't happen.


That may be unpleasant to read, but people like Assad and the likes must be removed, knocked off, killed. To talk about their war crimes, their crimes against humanity and such is unnecessary and ineffective.


There's no reason to keep putting up with these awful people. How should we deal with gassers, executioners and their ilk? It's an easy answer: stop talking and use available means once and for all. Eliminate the despicable killers.


Harsh. Of course it is. It would save millions of innocents.


Time to recall these words:


"Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana.


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