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April 6, 2017

The Winning Continues Despite…..

Ken Kellar

I’d like to stop for a moment to “smell the roses.” The first 100 days of the new presidency isn’t playing out like I anticipated, and I had been very discouraged. My discouragement peaked when activist judges far outstepped their legal authority and put a hold on President Trump’s travel bans.


I told myself to be patient and think in terms of months and years rather than days and weeks. Now, as days and weeks are transitioning to months, there is some “winning” to crow about.


Obamacare – The failure of Paul Ryan’s RINO repeal is a great victory for conservatives and the Republican Party (whether they realize it or not). Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul really earned his pay by leading the opposition to what would have amounted to a transfer of the accountability of Obamacare to the Republican Party. As President Trump’s first legislative foray ever in his life, he learned quite a bit about the insanity of Washington. I think his next health care effort will be much better.


Supreme Court – Our Senate Republicans might actually be representin’ as they prepare to abolish the 60-vote cloture rule in order to seat Neal Gorsuch on the nation’s highest court. If the Dems stick to their filibuster, the 60 vote-rule will be eliminated, opening the door to smooth legislative sailing for many wins to come.


Mass Hysteria – The baseless opposition to the president has reached unprecedented proportions and is harming the credibility of the Democratic Party while President Trump’s credibility is continually being affirmed.


Russia – No dirt has been uncovered regarding the Trump Administration and Russia. History is showing that President Barack Obama was Vladimir Putin’s chump. Mr. Obama unilaterally pulled missiles from Eastern Europe, then watched as President Putin rolled into Crimea.


Donald Trump’s diplomatic relations with Russia are evolving but Mr. Trump seems to be speaking softly while building a bigger stick (military funding). His approach is truly American/Washingtonian, peaceful trade, and relations with all while being prepared to aggressively defend our interests.


Spying on Trump – Mr. Trump’s spying accusations are getting truer every day. The media, in its hysteria, is modifying its archived news reports to erase the word “wiretapping” from articles that predate Mr. Trump’s famous spying tweet. The reports of spying, unmasking, and leaking are from multiple independent sources, yet the media refuses to accept the evidence.


A senior official of the Obama Regime, Susan Rice (of Benghazi infamy), has once again been caught lying on behalf of Mr. Obama and his minions (and possible her own rear end). She declared she knew nothing of “unmaskings” of the names of Trump staffers who were spied on. Now, several days later, Ms. Rice is giving detailed rationalizations of why her unmasking “requests” (do heads of national security “request” things from their juniors?) associated with the Trump staff were altogether proper.


The spying, inspired by baseless claims of illegal collusion with Russia, was continued and exploited for political purposes. Orange suits may be in some folk’s future – unlikely, but possible.


So, I’m still pretty annoyed by the court’s blocking of the travel bans as our next set of murderers, freeloaders and those demanding our culture bow to their whims continue to trickle in. However, there is indeed much winning to celebrate.


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