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March 29, 2017

Senator Young and the next rape victim

Ken Kellar

            The Maryland General Assembly is considering legislature to make Maryland a “sanctuary” state in defiance of federal law.


The following text is from Maryland Senate Bill 835, introduced by Sen. Victor Ramirez (D., PG) and co-sponsored by Frederick Sen. Ron Young.


All public schools, hospitals and courthouses shall establish and publish policies that limit immigration enforcement of their premises to the fullest extent possible consistent with federal and state law.


The Attorney General in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, shall develop and adopt model policies to ensure that all public schools, hospitals and courthouses remain safe and accessible to all Maryland residents, regardless of immigration status.


Here is the official purpose of the bill as stated therein:


“FOR the purpose of expressing the intent of the General Assembly to restore community trust in Maryland law enforcement and government by clarifying the parameters of local participation in federal immigration enforcement efforts; prohibiting a certain government agent from taking certain actions for certain purposes; prohibiting a law enforcement official from stopping, arresting, searching, or detaining an individual for the purpose of investigating a suspected immigration violation…”


So, it’s all about “community trust” in Maryland law enforcement. Notice how many times the word “prohibiting” shows up? It’s an anti-law law that is supposed to make schools “safe.” Safe from deportation? Sure. Safe from brutal rape or gang intimidation and murder? No.


I would like to be able to “trust” my local law enforcement officers to uphold all laws and to cooperate with other law enforcement officials for the greater good of our nation and its citizens. Senator Ramirez’ bill prevents that.


If you’ve been living under a rock, on March 16, a 14-year old girl was reported to have been brutally raped in a Rockville High School bathroom in every imaginable way by two illegal immigrants reportedly aged 18 and 17. The 17-year-old’s precious privacy is being protected due to his tender age. The 18-year-old was in 9th grade. That’s not a misprint, 9th grade.


It appears Henry Sanchez Milian (Guatemala) and Jose Montano (El Salvador), the suspects under arrest, are Obama’s “Unaccompanied Minors” or “Dreamers” and may have been granted access under refugee status. The circumstances are a bit vague on that.


What is known with a very high degree of likelihood is those two “Dreamers” brutally raped a 14-year-old girl. Had Sanchez and Montano been deported when they were caught and temporarily detained in Texas several months ago rather than left to roam while awaiting deportation hearings, the Rockville girl would not have been raped.


Rockville officials and other sanctuary advocates claim that this brutality has nothing to do with illegal immigration. They say, “bad things happen, get over it.”


I beg to differ. This case has everything to do with illegal entry into our nation. The victim knew the rapists. They raped her in a school bathroom. Afterwards the rapists returned to class where they were later arrested.


What made these (alleged) rapists think they could perform their atrocity and then safely return to class? Think about that. The young girl knew at least one of them; they raped her, and then felt safe enough to return to class.


What culture did these (alleged) scum come from? What parental guidance did they have? What culture/environment existed in the Rockville school to make them feel safe to perform their crime and return to class?


Senator Young and his 22 colleagues/co-sponsors want to permanently establish a safe and trusting environment for rapists and murderers, safe from law enforcement and trusting they can get away with horrible crimes.


I have a friend with nieces and nephews attending Rockville public schools. They report a nightmare of Latino kids in gangs and others claiming they are in gangs in order to intimidate and manipulate the other students.


Senator Ramirez’ bill prohibits all Maryland law enforcement from supporting federal immigration agents yet requires the adoption of “model policies” that ensure all residents remain safe in the facilities for which the law forbids federal immigration enforcement.


Senator Young and his Maryland “colleagues,” both state and local, have established the environment that resulted in the (alleged) brutal rape of a young girl. Contrary to open-border advocates’ claims, this rape has everything to do with illegal immigration. These rapists didn’t come in a fanciful nuclear family only interested in hard work and the American dream. They were two uneducated and culturally bankrupt vagabonds placed into our schools by people like Senator Young who are bent (wittingly or unwittingly) on the destruction of the United States of America.


Mr. Young and his party have been building this nightmare for a long time. I found this news item from July 2014 at Breitbart:


The Obama administration is preparing to dump illegal immigrant juveniles in one of the nation’s most prominent sanctuary counties in Maryland just weeks after Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) reportedly begged the White House not to ship illegal immigrants to his state.


According to NBC Washington, “Montgomery County has been asked to house unaccompanied minors from Central America in a state facility until foster families can be found for them.” Maryland is reportedly “looking to house up to 1,800 unaccompanied minors now in federal custody after crossing the border,” and 25 of the illegal immigrant juveniles will be sent to Montgomery Country.


Montgomery County is reportedly home to “half of all the immigrants” in the state, according to a state official, and “more than 100 unaccompanied minors were enrolled in the county’s public school system last year.” They qualified for “English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)” classes, and enrollment in those classes has been surging.


As Judicial Watch noted, “Montgomery County has long offered illegal aliens a variety of perks and protections” and came under “intense fire a few years ago over a series of high-profile murders committed by illegal immigrants who had been arrested by local police and released.” They were not deported due to “the county’s sanctuary policies, they were not reported to federal authorities for deportation despite their criminal histories.” In addition, Montgomery County has “spent $100,000 in taxpayer funds to help illegal immigrants fill out paperwork to receive temporary amnesty under President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action plan that he unilaterally instituted.”


Perhaps Sanchez and Montano are innocent. Perhaps they are the “Dreamers” President Obama used to speak of in a dramatic whispering voice. Perhaps one or both are on the track to become valedictorians of Rockville High School. Perhaps these two young men are exactly what this nation needs to maintain its technical and moral prowess as a shining beacon of inspiration to the rest of the world.


Some say: “Diversity is our strength.”


Others are saying: “The enemy is our own capacity for suicidal self-delusion.”


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