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March 27, 2017

'Pusillanimous Pests' in Annapolis

Harry M. Covert

My habit when researching anything about Maryland has always been to look at history of Charm City and then Annapolis, where lots of smart people are loitering. Unfortunately they hang around in the State House on the assumption they have the best intentions for citizens of the Free State.


Actually, there is great alarm running amok throughout the state. The current General Assembly remains in session. The members see this as a good way to deprive all citizens of living the good life.


Most hope for the legislature's sine die.


In this instance the past is not prologue. It's highly doubtful the late great William Donald Schaefer would condone the idiotic movement to make Maryland a sanctuary state for lawbreakers. He did not like dissent. He ignored legislators. He got things done.


Current Gov. Larry Hogan has had his troubles with state delegates and senators. Too bad he can't disregard the actions of the majority members who are out to void everything he supports.


The Annapolis solons, like the losers on the national level, want to disrupt winners, as determined by voters.


Watching all of the buffoonery in Annapolis politics always leads me to the sage of Baltimore. H. L. Mencken's writings are never out of date or style.


I firmly believe Mr. Mencken would have described the current crop of Maryland law makers as 'Pusillanimous pests' and a damage to the community (state)."


This would be nice. Where in the world do these politicians come up with this stuff? First they deny parents of disabled children a right to sign for them in a House bill that won't advance, then Governor Hogan's nominee for Secretary of Planning, Wendi Peters, was withdrawn in Senate committee following an unfavorable vote. The two-term Mount Airy council member and business leader will return to her role as Deputy Secretary of Planning.


The state and Mr. Hogan pays a terrible price because politicians love to wield power. Frederick County's senators and delegates are to blame, too, for Secretary Peters' case.


As to the mad sanctuary state matter, which the governor and most law and order officials and citizens oppose, the fight isn't over. If the state Senate approves the bill, the governor will instantly veto it. Great.


The lawmakers are wreaking havoc around the state. They voted to give the state’s attorney general authority to sue the federal government over the silly sanctuary matter. Do state laws supersede federal laws?


Consider who loses if federal agencies play hardball and cutoff all federal funds of any form to states and communities. Now that will be hard lessons for locals: schools, law enforcement, highway construction, airports and the list will go on.


So Maryland's attorney general can go to federal court, not state courts, to thwart removing criminal illegal aliens/immigrants.


Chaos is coming, but law and order must be maintained.


Only Frederick County's sheriff Chuck Jenkins constantly appeared before appropriate legislative committees to oppose sanctuary status. Of the 24 elected sheriffs in the state only one other joined Jenkins, but just one time.


To be somewhat fair, all 24 sheriff's supported the opposition but by letter. They're brave politicians.


These lawmakers aren't just confused about illegals, they ignore what stares them in the face – federal and state laws.


A few days ago a 14-year-old Rockville High School girl was savagely raped by two 17-year-old Chicano illegals. They've been arrested and face prison terms before being deported. What the heck were they doing in the same school class?


So, who's responsible? First the Board of Education in Montgomery County, then the irresponsible legislature.


Opposing illegal visitors is neither wrong nor racist. Should more prisons and jails be built? That's another debate.


The status of the Maryland State House is in shambles as far as the present is concerned. Chaos, confusion and havoc are now the order. It'll continue if lawmakers and lawbreakers merge into a haven of rest, a legal shelter for sheltering Illegals.


Ma salama, adios, et al!


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