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March 24, 2017

Illegals Find Frederick 'Friends'

Harry M. Covert

(This is the second and final column of this Sanctuary series.)


On the matter of Maryland House of Delegates Bill 1362, it opens the incredible possibility that lawbreakers and other criminals can have sanctuary from prosecution by legal authority.


There is much alarm around the so-called Free State. Voters now must face the facts. The delegates, who apparently don't care about public safety, voted 83 to 55 to advance the proposal to the Maryland Senate.


Obviously House Speaker Michael Busch (Anne Arundel) and longest-serving Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr., (PG/Calvert) both Democrats, have led the charge. Their roadblock will be the esteemed Gov. Larry Hogan. He's angry, as he should be, and threatened to veto this un-American legislation. He will, too, the moment a sanctuary legislation hits his desk.


Governor Hogan, like the 45th president, was chosen Maryland's 62nd governor. Lots of envy there, and the "loyal opposition" is nothing less than a bunch of bugaboos.


It may be entirely possible the governor's veto can't be overridden in Annapolis.


Here’s a quick question. Who pays the price for terrible legislative conduct?


The answer is simply voters and taxpayers.


For Frederick County, the Democrat delegates voted to pursue sanctuary for illegals without remorse. They are Carol L. Krimm and Karen Lewis Young, both of District 3A.


The four Republican members cast nay votes.


Two jurisdictions in the bill are exempted from the non-enforcement of federal immigration laws – Frederick and Harford counties. This would allow the rest of the "Land of Pleasant Living" to enjoy unlimited improper immigration crimes.


Electeds ought to be forced to visit victims of crimes by illegal immigrants in hospitals, emergency rooms, home invasions and other hateful situations. I know all illegals may not be bad people, but that's not the issue.


Frederick and Harford have contractually bound themselves to federal enforcement through the 287g program with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins led opposition to Bill 1362, constantly appearing before the committees pointing out the objections and severe weaknesses. While the state's other 23 elected sheriffs supported him, they did so by letter.


The facts of the distasteful legislation are simple. Law enforcement officers are sworn to obey laws and enforce them.


That will continue throughout Frederick and Harford counties. Illegal immigrants and others without documents stopped for violations and felonies will be reported to federal officials.


State's attorney Charlie Smith, of Frederick County, believes in enforcing laws. He says law breakers with or without documents will stand at the bar of justice.


Those who support the idea of sanctuary jurisdictions are ignoring, or failing, to consider serious and important matters. The main order of business is to protect citizens first, last and always. This is not hostility. It's pragmatism.


Marylanders need not give away the store. Nor should welcoming those who want to ruin lifestyles enjoyed for centuries be ignored and given free passes.


Frederick County will be safe. No matter where criminals are nabbed, they'll be reported to the Feds. And, unless the situation changes shockingly, the federal money pipeline will stay open gushing and gushing and spewing the "opiate of the masses” – filthy lucre. 


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