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March 14, 2017

The 'Incoming Inclemency'

Harry M. Covert

At the behest of weather experts, advance precautions were made on Monday, the day of this writing, for the anticipated snow inconvenience, which may turn roadways into horrible hazards and everybody home bound. No fighting, please.


The snow shovel is at the ready near the front door. Hopefully a youngster, delighted to miss school, will walk through the neighborhood offering to scrape the walkway for a cash remuneration and having mercy on a house or two. On advice of our family doctor, a superb spine physician and expert cardiologist, I can get away with watching youngers get into the work force.


Those in the seventh decade of living should not risk clearing off sidewalks and driveways. Even with the latest technology, wise elders at this stage are candidates for infarctions, thromboses, or a regular old heart attack. No thanks.


I'll risk being called a lazy old superannuated soul. There's no hurry at present to be permanently aged or soaring to the heavens forever and a day.


A supermarket visit grabbed enough coffee, milk and eggs, a few special goodies for homemade chili, and frozen beef and broccoli and other morsels like tasty jalapeño chips. There's no reason to name more. I did sneak a coconut cream pie.


The thing about this "incoming inclemency" is we can gabble about the weather, but please turn off the teevee, read a book with real pages and printed words. There are all sorts of interesting journals available until minds are nurtured.


I mention the "incoming inclemency" we should be having today as you read this. It was a decade ago that Washington NBC4 weatherman Tom Kierein, described hurricanes with those words. They still reign supreme these days. Tom is a certified, bonafide and articulate meteorologist. I won't say he's better than retired Willard Scott, but it's not necessary to have a vote.


Writing about the predicted snow-apocalypse provides a day to rest from all the conversations that take up far too much time from other important matters.


The hogwash continues abounding about sanctuary towns, villages, cities and states. Doesn't mean anything but political posturing.


An important fact to be aware is the famine and starvation around the globe in Third World nations. The travesty would be worse, if that's possible, if non-governmental humanitarian organizations, a majority being Christian, were not on the job.


Foreign countries starving their people should be physically removed from power.


No American should go hungry. Neither should hungry people around the world be denied.


I can report lots of hunger around the planet is man-made. Many governments, and I can name them, make food distribution extremely difficult. That includes making life of humanitarian workers horrifying and delaying.


All the commercials about feeding the hungry bring attention to the needs. They use photos of suffering babies to touch hearts. And, they do.


There should be an international army at the ready to force dictators and their ilk to provide food for their people. Food is available for young and old alike.


The United Nations, and its various agencies, are always trying as well as churches and humanitarian groups. There is no reason to starve people and blame it on others.


Hunger around the world is primarily political. I'll have more on this at another time.


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