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March 10, 2017

Trouble above the 38th Parallel

Harry M. Covert

Say what you will, but the gurgling is getting louder above the 38th parallel on the Korean Peninsula. There's no reason to think it's a M*A*S*H* sitcom rerun.


There are numerous hero veterans from the Korean War in Frederick County Maryland communities.


As young men, many were not in the voting age range of the 1950s, yet they served on the raging battlefields. Locally, several bravely survived the historic Chosen Reservoir events.


Concern today is that history from a half-century ago seems en route to a repeat. That is not good. Technology has significantly changed and could be more devastating. There is no humor in the threats emanating from Pyongyang, North Korea.


The menace is from the strong man, really a strong boy named Kim Jung Un who has become a serious threat to peace in the Far East. The boy is discharging ballistic missiles that could explode in Japan, South Korea, Hawaii and possibly the west coast of the U.S.


While much of the nation's Washington wizards are blabbing about how Vladimir Putin had some disruption of a presidential election, the Far East appears heading on a collision course with a so-called weakened American military. This is no time to play conscientious naysayers.


It's well known that the money-lending Chinese government has some strong control over North Korea. We'll certainly see. Hopefully the Pentagon will use its heavy influence and halt the threats immediately – if not sooner.


Why should American soldiers have to shoot their way to peace again because of the North Koreans?


Fortunately heroes fought for us previously in that hell hole. This time around let's put an end to this threat. A nice little note first saying straighten up and fly right by noon tomorrow. Then since the squirt will try to act tough and kill more of his family members, or military advisers, allow the USAF to show off sky power.


Of course, this is stringent. But the rest of the world would take notice. Why keep fooling around with the bad ones? Why keep spending gazillions of dollars to show patience with revolutionaries and their vicious compadres? They won't change.


Time has come to stop giving up American lives for people who care not a whit for us – or their people.


Did I insinuate America First? You're durn tooting. Diplomacy is one thing; convincing people against their will is wasteful because they're under the same opinion still.


Threats from around the world keep picking up steam to destroy the republic as we know it. Why should these nuts be allowed to show off? With bomb carrying drones being developed so quickly, let's use them over nitwits in their comfortable capitols.


Words keep flowing the USofA is the most powerful in the world. The threats keep coming. We all love and want peace. Imagine a world without warmongers from the north, south, east and west?


Not a single American military woman or man should suffer in any form for those who are the devil incarnate. Need I explain the latter two words? No.


Globalism, one world government and similar proposals are not good, just wishful thinking and won't work.


If there's hesitation to drone in Pyongyang, how about a CIA exercise, not like the Bay of Pigs, but similar to Harry S Truman acts one and two.


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