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March 9, 2017

Girls, Girls, Women and More

Harry M. Covert

Yesterday's day designated International Women's Day, or rakishly tagged A Day Without Women, certainly was a rather foolish and empty fete.


Seriously, Mr. and Mrs. America, Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the rest of the divided land, no one in their right mind is interested in a free society without girls and women.


With great fear and incredulousness the subject is being broached here. I'm going to exercise magnificent judgment in these lines on the subject of the female species.


Where would we all be if little girls didn't grow up to mature women? I almost wrote if little girls didn't emerge as big girls! I can imagine that some numb scull would imply the sentence would really mean big in the size department. Not so.


To answer the question where would we all be without girls, we would not be, but dead. Where's the life or fun there?


An old joke that previous wordsmiths have insisted is true and came about in the delivery room of the Portsmouth Navy Hospital back in the days of the Portsmouth (VA) Star daily newspaper.


The story: a Navy mom was looking to name her baby girl. Reading from the Navy birth sheet, she selected "Female." The child was officially recorded and pronounced Fe-Ma-Le. The mamma liked it, her Navy husband didn't, and Mamma won. Navy attendants grinned and the cute little baby grew and grew.


Another Navy birther named her new daughter "Nos Mo King" also at the Portsmouth hospital. The light in her room was broken and kept blinking until the new born was welcomed to the world. Mamma was transfixed. Later the maintenance staff added new light bulbs. It was then the light board red "No Smoking."


True stories are best and show the honesty of mothers.


Anybody with a penny's worth of sense and a brain, loves and adores girls. Now, hang on, even those in a particular field of peculiar persons recognize high esteem for girls of all categories.


I could name thousands of girls and women whose achievements are spectacular, phenomenal and wonders to behold.


These people don't need "phonus balonus" days to exhort them. They achieve every day in every way. Their badges of honor are themselves.


Name a profession and no one will be surprised to discover the name of a woman or girl. I can brag on mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, aunts, great aunts who have impacted lives of young and old family members. Readers can with ease select their own awesome family movers and shakers and leaders.


The put-on by supposed leaders may show insecurities of some young and old women today who merely need attention. If that floats their boats, their lives need fulfilling. Let them keep swimming. But stop dragging everybody else.


If the international women's festivities need to continue, be real and eye societies elsewhere on the planet where girls, women and mothers suffer every day. Need I point out these countries? I could. I've seen them and the hardships, abuse and cruelty abounds. A march? Don't even think it. The penalties are horrible.


The beauty part of being in the USA is the freedom to act silly and show-off make believe daily living.


Protest marching with vile obscenities spoken and written, take away from the good. Think about the payback in so many countries. Murders, murdering, hangings, beheadings and beatings are not tolerated. I could go on, but I won't.


The value of women does not have a price tag and is beyond measure in any form.


A day without women observance is insulting to the vast overwhelming majority of the female persuasion.


Every day is Women's Day. Priceless.


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