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March 6, 2017

Trumpians, Obamians and Russians

Harry M. Covert

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The current shadow government knows apparently and is hard at work undermining the current national leadership.


The shadow? No, it's not Lamont Cranston of the golden radio days. Word is circulating that a president emeritus still in Washington is enjoying pooh-poohing his successor with all sorts of misinformation and generally stirring up trouble. Who would have guessed it?


Whether all the brouhaha spewing from the liberal miscreants is accurate – or not – is festering like a sebaceous cyst. The stuff is exhilarating to absorb and generally mischievous. How to lance the sore?


It takes attention from the daily affairs of local governments who can slip under the radar and get away with some nefarious dealings. Actually, public attention is lost in "the horse latitudes," up in the clouds.


The current state of national affairs is a wonder to behold. Dirty tricks and general foolishness is rampant no matter which side of the political spectrum. Leakers?


Russia is getting lots of attention. The coming week will provide loads more chatter as to Russians' involvement into the American political scene.


So, what's new about this? Nothing, nada. Nyet.


A reminder here is important. How many recall that a sesquicentennial ago the Russia of Tsar Alexander II took sides in the War of Northern Aggression. Their merchant ships landed often in New York with supplies for the Union government of Abraham Lincoln.


Nobody has gone berserk about this attempt to change the history of the New World. Believe it or not, Russia also sent its navy in force to New York City and San Francisco just when Britain and France were considering siding with the Confederacy.


All the "who struck John" about modern day involvement by evil Vladimir Putin isn't new. During World War II, the U.S. helped keep the Russian people from starving and provided millions of dollars in ammunition and equipment to fight. Supposedly the Russians, then the U.S...SR., repaid the costs. The murderer Stalin made recompense.


Naturally, there have been some crucial disturbances in this relationship. Crucial is not the strongest word to use today. Remember the Rosenbergs, the U-2 spy plane, the Cuban missile crisis? There will be other days to have a discourse on these.


Charges from the Trumpians, the Obamians and the Russians are basically to confuse everybody. Had the Russians aided Gen. Robert E. Lee perhaps history would be different. Looking back though, the Appomattox ceremonies of April 9, 1865, would have been the same as is known.


Evil that has lurked in the hearts of women and men in the days of yore is alive and well today. That's rather sad quite naturally, and there's evidence the modern enmity is still reaching distasteful proportions, especially in the political arena. A light is needed on the shadows.


There is no feeling of good will, or a coming era of good will, on the horizon. There is no willingness to soften rhetoric, to stop parsing expressions, to end decrying opponents with all kinds of appalling demeanor.


The fights are growing; they will continue; and courtesy is out the window. Everybody wants a pass to their conduct.


The disloyal opposition isn't going to end all efforts to destroy the new Resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The fellow calling the shots now isn't going to crumble. As he gets used to the Oval Office, he'll refine his skills. They all do.


Damn the Russians, full steam ahead. Dollars are better than rubles. One hundred U.S. Dollars today equals 58.24665 rubles.


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