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March 2, 2017

The Leader Leads Big Time

Harry M. Covert

A regular reader, somewhat troubled perhaps, suggested observing Lent by giving up these epistles. He attended Ash Wednesday ceremonies and received the mark of the season. Upon reflection he asked forgiveness for his overwrought devilment.


I brushed aside the wag. My sensitivities weren't bothered. To be frank, I considered the facts of all the imbecilities facing us too important to be sidelined.


The bad events being seen and discussed are more than concerning. Maybe, just maybe, all of the disturbers of the peace can be quiet during these holy days leading to Easter. Naturally the heathens, or reprobates, would take the silent time by rebuilding their arsenals and be ready to catch everyone off guard later.


Let's spell it out. While traditional Marylanders and Americans go about strengthening their spiritual lives, their naysayers can try and re-arm their minds and communication skills.


We hear all this stuff about coming together as a nation. It's a one-sided battle. This isn't anything new. The country and the Free State have always, since the Glorious Revolution, been at odds.


The land is rife with hatefulness. No one seems to understand that the rest of the world does not enjoy the American lifestyle in every way.


It's terrific to cruise the world and see how others live their lives. The beauty part is always coming back where, despite the major differences, things are easy. Whatever the needs, they're easy to find, use and fix.


Listening and reading about all the ongoing squabbles, crime, political opponents and other things, daily lives are terrific in a broad sense.


There are no checkpoints when traveling to other communities, cities and towns or any states.


I don't espouse that, of course. Listening to some of the verbal smoothies, I get a bit jealous. They're being paid for idiocies and audacities. Legal tender has a way with creating the bull throwers.


Over the past month, I think the national slogan has become "In God We Trust, all others pay cash." Wish I thought of it first. Lots of beer joints and saloons and general stores are familiar with that and display it.


It was a joy to watch our president take command Tuesday night. If there were any miscues, it was not from his oratory. Television caught the losers sitting glumly, perturbed as if their hangings were eminent. Some of the female Congress members wore virginal white. I didn't get the hint they were looking for mates.


If anything, the so-called national divide isn't anything new. What is new is the hatefulness spewed. Shameful, I say again. The openness of the vicious talk leads to people going berserk injuring and murdering.


The new business of insulting President Donald Trump and his new management team has gone on long enough. It's not funny! It's disrespectful to The Office, which gives strength to the nation.


I recall how left wingers and pundits tried the same modus operandi on that old guy – Ronald Reagan, who remained dignified, determined and did the job.


Mr. Trump likes to fight, too. It's refreshing that an American commander-in-chief isn't the least namby-pamby, wishy-washy or wimpy.


He knows his audience, and, when all else fails, he grabs the problem by the throat.


Maybe this year's White House Easter Egg Roll will be an extravaganza. With Mr. T in command, it won't rain or snow.


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