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February 27, 2017

Muses, Myths, Baseball, and Politics

Harry M. Covert

If there is a muse for politics, I've missed my Greek mythology. Of course, the myths from Hellenica were considered truth, verity and, obviously, not the American way as portrayed in these historical days.


I always like to be around the "smart people," my elders, of course, and the likes of some talking heads.


Bear with me, please. Like the old coach, the Hall of Famer Hal Grau from Frederick, I'm a traditionalist and like to be around winners.


On this Monday, it's so thankful to welcome the national and local pastime baseball. America's sport. Don't get excited. Football and basketball are good until you get to the "dunkers" and "walkers." Heaven's to Betsy.


These pro players don't dribble but walk with four and five steps for their "duck" shots – layups. Heck, these cagers just show off and think they're classy like Bob Cousy, or Julius Irving, or Bill Russell, or Bevo Francis, or Dolph Schayes, or Wilt "the Stilt" Chamberlain. They are not. The Stilt also claimed to be the premier lover boy during his playing days. Talk about a bragger and gas-bagger. I'm just reporting.


I’m not discussing the rubes in the pro football dodge. Maybe another time.


My muse may be Calliope. I'm not a poet, of course, and the world doesn't know it.


I'm not aware of the muse for politicians. Maybe it's The Fidgets. When that bug hits, the blabber starts, has no end and immediately knows what's best for every living soul of their range.


Offspring of the bugs are incredible and the wonderment surrounds the gullible that clear thinking more often than not is stifled.


One election may be over. It's not true communities get a break from the verbosity. Hopefuls for votes never quit and never stop polishing their images, or let lieutenants shill in public and private.


In Frederick the lineups are developing for the public to rekindle. Old winners are coming to the fore in the race for mayor and seats on the aldermanic board.


Same old. same old is being processed. Make Frederick a sanctuary for illegal personages, spend taxpayer money willy nilly, and other stuff that won't benefit anyone except the elected.


And they'll be talking about scaremongering and fearful living and, get ready, resisting, dumping and just be scared.


Lots of these people don't know how the rest of the world lives. How many have ever eaten dirt cookies like Haitians? How many of their children have been punished by Sharia Law in Sudan, where a boy stole food to feed his Mother and siblings. They chopped off his right hand.


Think these examples are fake news? Not so. It's the duty of campaigners to act with some real facts and figures. It's easier to say their opponents are goofy.


These candidates believe saying it's scary and fearful for the sole reason of votes often enough, and such boo-rah will be accepted as Gospel.


Okay, the candidates in Frederick are lining up. Same old regurgitation on the stumps. Walking on the wild side again.


I think maybe people are more than ready for some baseball and fresh air and outdoor barbecues.


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