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February 24, 2017

Sanctuaries: Spiritual or Political

Harry M. Covert

If it weren't so serious, the sanctuary state or city conversations would merely be witty. Nobody is laughing anymore – and should not. Hiding lawbreakers is illegal, improper and could penalize camouflagers with penitentiary time.


The idea that prison sentences are fun and games and corrective is rather misleading, foolish and devastating.


It is no badge of honor to hear those steel doors slam. When prisoners start wearing jail clothes, eating with "sporks" on trays, wearing handcuffs and shackles regularly, panic sets in. Prison amenities aren't similar to anything on the outside.


Sporks? The utensil that combines a fork and spoon.


Those promoting making Maryland and other communities sanctuaries for lawbreakers are off the wall. They might as well hide drug dealers, murderers, rapists, bail jumpers and any other violators.


To have state legislatures, town councils, boards of supervisors or other similar bodies authorize law evasions is anathema to legal principles. Or, if you will, to right and wrong, to good and evil, and to criminal discord. What laws should not be enforced?


Sanctuary states or cities are blasphemous. Sworn officers must do their jobs without cockamamie hindrances.


There is probably no way federal courts, even those on the left coast, would rule sanctuary states or cities are legal. I write this with some trepidation. Usually common sense prevails no matter the lunacy of any leftover political correctness.


Leadership in Maryland's State Senate and House of Delegates, even though left-leaning sorts, should stop the sanctuary state hogwash and get real.


Throughout the nation the sanctuary ruses are no more than undermining foundations that made the country powerful, smart and the world's leader.


When troubles invade other countries, they turn first to the U.S., not the United Nations. Read history. One of the best sanctuaries is in Cuba. No, not the American embassy in Havana but Guantánamo Bay prison at the U.S. Navy Base.


Sanctuaries are supposed to be places of tranquility, tea rooms, smiles and joy, not for holing up desperadoes, ne'er-do-wells or lawbreakers and such.


Marylanders and Americans like to be nice and are nice. But the naïveté being expressed to establish sanctuary localities is dismaying.


There are numerous political organizations leading the sanctuary business. They want to creep in and destroy traditions.


Slowly, but surely, the inclusion of sharia law into our way of life is being portrayed as good for the nation. This insurgence must not and cannot be allowed.


Churches, synagogues, mosques and storefront houses of worship are protected and should be. They are not for overthrowing society. They are spiritual sanctuaries, not political safe houses.


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