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February 23, 2017

Capital Punishment Revisited

Harry M. Covert

The issue of capital punishment is up for debate again at Maryland's legislature. The Annapolis lawmakers appear in another quandary as to whether to use a fatal injection, or house the eligible candidates for life.


No matter how it's cut, the subject is a difficult one. How easy it is to say vociferously, "hang 'em,", "I'll do it," "let 'em burn in Hell."


Executing vicious criminals is always a penultimate subject. Those who deliver the sentences must carry out the law and do so without revenge.


The bothersome angle is how the condemned and various states have different opinions who pays The Price.


People who kill police and other peace officers are the primary life losers. And should. One state might say a life sentence for crimes. Then one person may spend decades on death row before they reach the forever.


There is nothing remotely easy or funny in dealing with death row inmates.


How often do we hear angry people want revenge? This is not strange – or rare.


The ultimate penalty is no joke. I don't envy Maryland lawmakers who will have to decide yes or no. Either way the matter is harsh – and political. That is unfortunate, but it’s a fact of life.


Who among the general public wants to be on the execution team? Talk is cheap, but reality is something else.


The issue is mighty difficult. Vicious crimes against individuals and the peace and dignity of localities must be punished. Just how?


It is legal throughout the 50 states and territories to use a final solution. Some states don't use it.


The matter though has risen again in the Free State after several years of avoiding its use.


Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia have had many capital cases in recent years. The awful and disgusting murders are indefensible.


How easy it is to consider executions. By law and all rights, such perpetrators must pay a price. The bothersome thing that's gnawing is suppose there are errors from witnesses, legal representation and scientific discoveries.


There are always exceptions to everything.


It is not being soft or weak to suggest close scrutiny of proposals to reinstate the death penalty in the Free State.


Who would like to volunteer to be the hangman or hang woman? Few would do so.


There must always be witnesses in the execution chambers. What a difficult duty.


Yes, we've seen the despicable beheadings around the world. They give food for thought and reactions to execute the killers here at home.


What price victory in the rule of law as we know it? A rhetorical question, for sure.


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