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February 21, 2017

Anonymous Sources are Good

Harry M. Covert

Now that media types, mostly on the national hookups, have established it's okay to use anonymous sources, I agree. Why not?


Alleged fact checkers don't have to bother any more. It sure makes news-writing a lot easier. The great big grocery store tabloids at the checkouts finally can have some competition.


The truly good news can now be found in local communities. Another beneficial aspect is brothers and sisters at the bar will have a new revenue source – filing court suits ad nauseum to find facts and no facts, to hopefully make publishers pay. I think they call it libel and libelous. Cynicism, for sure.


I'm going to digress now the rest of the way.


I've been compiling all kinds of notes for quite a while. Perhaps some of these "items" are worth acknowledging. I think so, not conspiratorial, but interesting.


Would you believe:


 – that Camp David, the presidential retreat in the wooded hills of Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont, Maryland, will be renamed Camp Barron after The Youngest Son, and used for a private school. Plus, all staff will be required to wear blue suits and Trump neckties.


 – that Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner is seeking the Maryland General Assembly to allow her to take on the dual jobs of Frederick City Mayor and County Executive. An anonymous source says Her Worship received a four-to-zero county council vote in executive session. The minority members were stopped at the meeting room door, citing rule one, County Executive Code.


 – that an unknown leaker reports former Frederick police chief Kim Dine will take over the county's ethics chief position. He'll be authorized a black uniform with pistol and shined riding boots.


 – that an Annapolis insider says the legislature is considering naming Route 15 north and south from Frederick to the Pennsylvania border the Russell Delauter Autobahn.


 – that alleged facts circulating mumble a Frederick Live Casino will open in downtown Frederick soon with one day monthly set aside for high school students.


 – that Emmitsburg, Woodsboro and Walkersville communities will become sanctuary towns for Methodists and Episcopalians.


– that 7th Street, Frederick, will be known as Norman E. "Bob" Waltz Way.


 – that an emergency creation of an additional Frederick County Circuit Court judgeship and State's Attorney J. Charlie Smith will be named to fill the vacancy by gubernatorial order.


 – that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will require registration of all reporters, all publishers and Internet know-it-all's. There will be state fees. He'll use Division of Motor Vehicles facilities. Violators face mandatory solitary jail sentences.


 – that gossip, innuendo, and other myriad stuff can be full of fun, giggles and exaggerations. They can be bolstered by such phrases as "on my honor, on my mother's grave, on all that's holy and for God's sake believe you me."


Everybody loves the hee-hees, gotchas and the inside.


So, attribution to facts are good and proper.


While these days are filled with anxiety, "sixes and sevens," remember it's "Bob's your uncle," all's okay, there you go. We can also use Amen!


So be it.


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