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February 20, 2017

Reporters have Tough Jobs, too

Harry M. Covert

On this not so solemn occasion, I'll remind everybody it is Presidents Day 2017. Despite all the ongoing skullduggeries, for the fun of it, 45 men have led the nation.


Some like to boast a woman almost got the top job. A year or so ago I expected that indeed would happen. Then a whirling dervish disrupted the traditional patterns of flying around on Air Force One.


There will have to be another candidate to make a run for it. Frankly, the horizon on that score is somewhat bleak, murky and flat out muddled at best.


The country, according to all the factotum, is in a great divide. Most certainly. Let's note there are a voluminous bunch of people either hog tied or pulled by the nose. The fun is listening to their belch and bellow as I-word or r-word. "I" for impeach and "R" for resist. Rather cute, of course, but "D," that's for the word d-u-m-b.


What a society that's evolving. Cussing is popular in speech and verbal – abbreviations accepted.


Since the division, or general political segregation, appears to be normal throughout the land, shouldn't the only Confederate States of America president, Jefferson Davis, be included in today's bloodthirsty commemorations? Marylanders could celebrate Spiro Agnew ever so quietly, too. Remember he was vice president.


Don't throw rotten eggs. please!


That brings about another question for today. Why not a Vice Presidents Day? Alexander H. Stephens of Georgia was Mr. Davis' backup.


It seems to me that President's Day was really to honor George Washington, the man from Mount Vernon, Virginia, who never told a lie, didn't want to be a king and never resided in the White House.


This is no intention to be risqué. Lots of cities and towns proudly promote that General George proved he was indeed father of the country because he slept there. I don't believe he was a boudoir athlete. There's no need to note other occupants who may have been treasonous to their marital vows.


All Americans, all real Gringoes, are forgiving souls, thankfully. There are some exceptions prevalent today.


The exaggerations, the brazen boasters and conspiracy theorists love to disrespect the Constitution and the president. They do so by trying to create chaos and befuddlement they hope will derail President Donald J. Trump. It's all right not to like the victor; or to be concerned about the severe changes underway by the 45 commander-in-chief.


By law and tradition Mr. Trump will be “The Man” for the rest of his four-year tenure. Maybe more. He's adjusting to a new style of leadership acumen. Other politicians are learning and adjusting. And the Fourth Estate is in an educational process.


The Fourth Estate? Absolutely the news business. There is a difference between news reporting and editorial writing. Technology in this day and age has played the main role of confusing the journalism business.


Front pages of the printed pages and broadcast "Breaking News" and "Bulletins" are important. These are to be news, facts and details. Slip over to the Op-Ed and Opinion sections to enjoy opinioneers, good writers with good ideas.


Reporters and editors have tough jobs. The nature of the beast is to know the difference between news, advocacy journalism and public relations.


It is obvious thoughts and ideas are mighty different in every part of the nation. The same is true in every nook and cranny in Frederick County.


For the present, times have changed.


My hope is reporters keep on dogging news sources and writing those items, popular or not.


In my experience, it was the order to get the facts and say who said what. That was fun, professional and the duty. This led to well-read feature stories, news and sports.


Support of the newspaper owners and editors is vital to news gatherers. That proved valuable to me, but I didn't learn it until many years later.


During a reunion of old timers a former mayor admitted he tried to get me fired. It was pleasing that my superiors didn't consider the proposal a whit. I'm still scribbling. Can't break an old habit.


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