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February 15, 2017

Publication, Mumps and Clothing

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – I finally got my article published. Sort of. It went on a website written by a friend who writes about Alfred Wallace. ( It took me seven years to research and write and would take over a year for a journal (magazine) to publish it.


Better this way than to wait. Then I can be done with it.


I had to imbed the pictures into the text, which I did not know what that meant. Knowing it would take forever and a day for me to learn the procedure, I called my friend, Brandon, who came over and very patiently showed me how. It was so easy! I felt ashamed that I did not know this simple procedure. Of course, I never had to imbed a picture into a text before!


Dzul has the mumps. I had forgotten all about these childhood diseases. In my distant memory, I recall that Christine (daughter #2) had the chicken pox. I remember this because of the red dots all over her. Dzul looks like a chipmunk with both pockets full. The other diseases were either not significant or did not store correctly in my addled brain. I sometimes feel I need a reboot. Then everything will be restored to crystal clarity. But I digress.


Dzul looks like a chipmunk with both pockets full. He ran a high fever, about 40 C and we gave him a quarter of an aspirin (which I had brought from the States, no aspirin here) to knock that out of him. The fever came down, and we took him to a doctor. The doctor was an 80-or-so-year-old Chinese man, who had been treating the Malays from across the river.


He has a huge pharmacy mainly non-prescription drugs from the drug store, which he doles out for a few days at a time. I told my wife to take him to the doctor that treated tourists, but this Chinese guy was much cheaper. I said I didn't care, just take him to the tourist doctor. She took him to see the Chinese doctor and I didn't pay any attention. I should have asked her which doctor. So it goes.


We have been watching President Trump on CNN at about 8 A.M. which is 8 P.M. EST the night before. I must say it has been amusing. I have heard of Nordstrom’s, but I don't think I have ever been in one. I usually go to the outlets to the sales rack in the very back of the store to purchase my clothes. Of course, all I need is summer things. I shop at Wal-Mart for underwear and socks.


I really don't understand why my liberal colleagues attack Wal-Mart. It is cheap and provides jobs in an area where there are none. Okay, so they don't give full employment, don't have health care and rely on the government system to pay their employees. But still, it is a job and things are inexpensive. Nobody said they had a social conscience.


...Life is good. . . . .


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