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February 10, 2017

Those Clever Small Print Rules

Harry M. Covert

No way will Senate Rule 19 be invoked here today. Some may suggest it would be good to do so, but I'm overruling the matter with or without portfolio.


The matter arose earlier this week in the hallowed halls of the United States Senate. What a clever recall of the small print in the "code of honor" for the one hundred specials.


The general public is always at the mercy of those who swear and promise to fight for the "small guys and gals." When you have the power and the majority, knowing all the rules is a wonderful asset.


In case readers forgot, some minority members of the Senate's august committees examining the new president's cabinet selections took a dive and boycotted their duties. The majority members stuck around and did the work, sending nominations to the full Senate and favorable victories.


What a mighty fine exercise. Government watchers and students have learned grand lessons. Perhaps the losers can learn from their errors in judgements.


Perhaps there are lots more techniques to find and use from the recent conduct of the governing body.


First, why go through all the hugger-mugger listening to objectors? Second, call it putting up with naysayers and losers, but apparently those in the majority can stop playing nice. Change the rules and vote the majority. At least now.


Sure that sounds somewhat unkind, but the majority Senators have them by throat and can have their own way. Cut out the middle and below persons. Save time and patience.


All right, the new president has the advantage over his opponents. Big time.


Boycotting senators thought they had pulled a fast one on the majority. Their public relations stunts backfired in committees and in all night orations to an empty Senate facility. Sad, but silly, and something akin to picking up your marbles and going home.


Some may say democracy in action. Mighty dumb and pathetic.


I like the old golf saying, "drive for show and putt for dough." No kidding, the late great Sam Snead impressed me with this one day before he got tangled up with the yips.


With all the ongoing shenanigans the losers keep trying to pull off, they have proved exceedingly well that they are in no way the loyal opposition.


Debate is wonderful and vital in all political divisions, even in daily living. It's fun, but disagreements need not be so personal, mean-spirited and friendship-ending. That's the hope but tough to accomplish.


So, while the unnerving conduct continues from the national level and seeps down to the hinterlands, I will now invoke Rule 30 of the printed journalism trade. It means fini, the end. In this case, I'll bang the gavel until another day. Or, as some incoming immigrants may say, inshallah.


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