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February 8, 2017

“I’m so confused…..”

Tom McLaughlin

Kuching, Malaysian Borneo – As a liberal Democrat, there just some things I don't understand about the Trump people. This has to do with those who voted and support him.


Never mind the foreign policy. If he wants to build a wall, hang up on the Australian prime minister and stop immigration from all the countries except the one who was responsible for 911, then, so be it. I can understand how these people feel. From their perspective, it looks like President Donald Trump is their hero, telling off friend and foe alike.


One thing is Betsy DeVos as secretary of the Department of Education. Other than owning the state of Michigan, she’s totally unqualified for the position. What I can't understand is why the people support someone who has a direct effect on their children's lives. I can't understand why they would not want the best education possible. She is a product of private schools and knows nothing of the world of schools you and I send our children to. So, why do you, the other 50% support her? I am perplexed.


I understand that most of you guys are hunters, fishermen and love the great outdoors. Camping is a way of life. I don't hunt or fish and would prefer to write poetry next to a babbling brook. You may choose to hunt, which is okay because the deer population needs to be culled. We both enjoy that stream, clear and fresh, me for inspiration, and you for hunting. So why would you want to allow people to pollute the stream? It's bad for me and bad for the animals you hunt. I am confused.


Eight years ago, the country was trying to come to terms with the greatest recession since the depression. Millions upon millions were out of work, hundreds of thousands of homes were foreclosed. Rules were put in place to stop it from ever happening again. Yet, your representatives and senators want to get rid of those rules and let the bankers run roughshod over the banking system, again. Why? Don't you remember? I am puzzled.


We all know the wall will not be built. Spending $20 billion to erect a fortification brings back the Great Wall of China. It was good slogan; we both know that. How can you build a wall through mountains, deserts and scrub? Preposterous, but a good campaign slogan. We could take the $20 billion and build a better infrastructure, like bridges, road and schools. Unless you are planning on moving south and working on it? Are you? Like the Alaska Pipeline? Okay, maybe you are. I am baffled.


The Affordable Health Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. is another problem. If our president and congressional representatives want to destroy it, then really destroy it. Cancel every part of it, all of it and not leave a thread of it standing. Everybody got along without it eight years ago, so blow it up. Tear it apart. Nuke it. Why all this fuss about maybe we will and maybe we won't and let’s cancel it, but keep the infrastructure. Burn it to the ground. I am stumped.


These are some questions I have from the liberal point of view. Answers?


...Life is good. . . . .


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