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February 6, 2017

Dealing with the Winning

Ken Kellar

I recall candidate Donald Trump talking about “so much winning.” He told us we would win so much we would be uncomfortable with it, get tired of it.


His words seemed a bit silly. Who has a problem with winning? So, I laughed, regarding his statement as just an off-the-cuff comment that didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But it felt good.


Now there has emerged a celebratory greeting among patriots, “Are you tired of winning yet?”


“Winning” is a new thing for patriots. Inexplicably, the left has declared war on western civilization and the people who created it. So when they are in power, we see nightmarish growth of government and destruction of the foundations and principles necessary for freedom and prosperity.


When “our” candidates have been in power, at best we have seen them pay too much homage to the opposition, picking mediocre justices, for example. All too often the Republicans have grown government as zealously as the left. The Environmental Protection Agency, Medicare part D (drug coverage), and the Office of Homeland Security are a few examples. You can throw in the never-ending, ill-defined “gulf wars.” Even the beloved Ronald Reagan legitimized a huge wave of illegal immigrants and ran up a massive debt.


That has been the political way of life for decades now. Loss when the left is in power and loss, or at least disappointment, when the right holds the reigns.


But now, right now, things are very different. The amount of “winning” is dizzying. Just off the top of my head:


·         It appears Justice Antonin Scalia will be replaced by a younger, taller and handsomer version of himself by the name of Neil Gorsuch. With a couple leftist dinosaurs on the bench, President Trump may get the chance to nominate a second justice and swing the court in our favor. By the way, would my favorite justice, Clarence Thomas, resign soon to ensure a conservative replacement? Tough call.


·         President Trump’s controversial threats to retaliate against American companies who move offshore appears to be influencing business in ways that preserve and create a variety of jobs for Americans.


·         The Senate appears to be prepared to modify their rules as necessary to eliminate the filibuster game and get on with governance. Thank you for the precedent Harry Reid. Just minutes after writing the previous sentence, I learned Senate Finance Committee Chairman, Orrin Hatch (UT), suspended the committee rule requiring at least one Democrat be present to allow a vote to proceed to approve Tom Price for Health and Human Services and Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. This was done because Democrats were using the one-Democrat-rule to stop any appointments by simply not showing up to Finance Committee meetings. The winning!


·         Wall construction has been ordered. While not a panacea, the wall is a fantastic start on real border security. And don’t give up just yet on who will ultimately pay for it.


·         Direct entrance from top terrorist-producing countries has been halted or at least controlled somewhat. A judge’s ruling halting the travel ban temporarily has been appealed by the Trump Administration.


·         The refugee program has been halted. And check out this headline, Saudi king agrees to support safe spaces in Syria and Yemen after call from Donald Trump. Do you think maybe, just maybe, the imposition of travel bans got the Saudi king’s attention? Are we witnessing The Art of the Deal first hand?


·         A rogue attorney general (acting) has been fired. “You’re fired!”


·         Oil pipelines have been approved, much to the chagrin of railroad magnate George Soros.


·         President Trump is investigating voter fraud. Many complain about irregularities during elections, then drop the subject. He sees a potential major problem and is working on it. By the way, why are those politicians who cite the lack of an identification card as reason to oppose vote security just sitting around while their constituents lack the basic documentation to: fly on a plane, enter a government facility, buy a house, or buy a beer for that matter?


·         President Trump has ordered that two government regulations must go for every new regulation AND the net expense incurred by the people must be zero or negative.


I recall Mark Levin ranting: “Donald Trump is not a true conservative. Cruz. Cruz. Cruuuuuuzz!” Well, the other night I listened to him viciously defend President Trump’s “travel ban.” Mr. Levin, an active lawyer, declared it was: legal, constitutional, and altogether appropriate. Not bad for someone who is not a “true” conservative, eh?


Donald Trump is winning and we, the American people, are benefiting.


Winning will not always be pretty. There will be images of weak and vulnerable people crying as they are turned away from our borders. There will be industrial accidents and oil spills. If the winning continues, there will be isolated horror stories as Obamacare is eliminated and unfortunately some fall into the cracks.


The media and the haters of America will focus on the isolated cases. You will see the accidents and the “victims.” We’ll also see mobs screaming for what they want. You’ll have to search the Internet to find the violent riots, the destruction, the assaults and maybe the murders. When someone on the right finally hits back or shoots back, the media will play it up.


The “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” will propose tossing away victory at the first sight of a negative consequence of the president’s and Congress’s actions. Imagine if George Washington resigned after seeing his first battlefield casualty. Changes necessary to “Make America Great Again” will have some negative implications. A true leader will see his vision through despite setbacks or distractions. Demand steadfastness from our representatives.


As the winning continues here’s what the media won’t show, perhaps can’t show: hope, joy, security, strength, pride, dignity and prosperity.


The left has promised those things through big government action. President Trump promises those things, with few exceptions, by getting government off our backs and out of our way.


I love the idea of winning for a change. Our country needs it to survive, and to recover and retain any semblance of the founder’s visions.


So, are you tired of winning yet?


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