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February 3, 2017

No Reason to Fear!

Harry M. Covert

Are you scared? I don't like using the word "yet," so I won't. The sky is not falling on us. The end is not near.


No matter what's being promoted, please don't succumb to the alleged fear routine. Because some ignoramuses want to create fear, it's not happening throughout the land.


Stop and think. We've all heard and read "the end is near." This makes a fun story, but, please, "it ain't going to happen." Yet. One of my editors of past years went crazy dare I used that word "yet."


What is your “yet” he'd ask? Good point, and since he had the last word. I acceded to the boss.


All this is lost in the transition of power. The losers are out; they lost. The "unsmart" Americans overwhelmed the November 8 election.


There's no reason for any fear. Lots of ugly and hateful things have been said about President Donald Trump. That's the right of opponents, of course, no matter how discourteous or disrespectful to the office of president.


The losers are pitiful. Voters spoke in the majority. The losers have strictly become obfuscators. To use their words, liars. It pains me to repeat it.


To hear the words today, Mr. Trump in the White House is a strong leader. Imagine, he's doing what he promised the people, you know, the deplorables. For the record, he's taking a dollar yearly salary. Thanks. I won't mention the cash taken by previous residents. Public service isn't to cash in. Recent people did enjoy emoluments not seen before. I don't want to cause any embarrassment to any, but their efforts were hands in the till big time. I read it and heard it.


To listen to the punditry class and partisan congressional members, the U.S. Government is now headed for doom and gloom and quite possibly a Second Civil War. Phooey.


There is no reason for Americans to believe such blowhards and fear-mongers. That's merely the style to arouse panic among the average people. Can I include the money raising class? Most certainly.


There is no dignity among the money professionals. When it comes to campaigns for public office, it's no holds barred. Truth telling is out the window. I dislike writing it, but it is true.


The fight unfolding in Washington these days is nothing but that the angry losers are stunned that they were outsmarted.


What is wrong with the slogan America First? This has nothing to do with that fellow Lindbergh in the 1940s.


There's nothing incorrect with keeping the nation as we know it rich and strong. The blather attempting to degrade The People's Choice is revolting, un-American and off the wall.


The attempt to put fear into the hearts of the nation is shameful.  Americans have never been scaredy-cats. Who denies the leadership for the free world given by the U. S.? This country sets the standard for peace and freedom. Fear? No way. Don't listen to losers, critics, and the chicken littles.


Misinformation being spread with the new president should not weaken the nation, nor creep into the national thought. It will not.


Once loser prevaricators overcome their nerve-shattering rejection by the masses, all remains well and the lesson in democracy is again proven hale and hearty.


Fear? How silly.


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