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January 31, 2017

Republican politicians, your attention please

Ken Kellar

A “main stream media talking heads” show last week listed its topic as: “The fragile relationship between Trump and Republicans.” I thought that statement missed the mark. A more realistic statement would have been: “The fragile relationship between Republican incumbents and their constituents.”


I certainly know a number of registered Republicans who are horrified that Donald Trump is our president. But I know many more Republican who are thrilled and very hopeful about his presidency.


On the other hand, I know not one Republican who speaks fondly of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) or House Speaker Paul Ryan (WI). Senator McConnell is usually referred to as: traitor, incompetent, confused. Ryan, newer in his position, is held in less contempt, but he appears to be rudderless and a potential sell out. His first action was to quickly approve the nation’s largest presidential budget ever with no push back. During the campaign, Speaker Ryan not only avoided assisting the Republican candidate, He actively opposed him.


Donald Trump is art work. The rate at which his campaign promises are turning into action and real change is dizzying. While the president is exercising his authority and rapidly undoing the former president’s illegal and damaging actions, what is Congress doing?


One of its first post-election actions was to defund an ethics commission. Now, maybe that commission was a Democrat weapon that should have been disbanded, But I don’t know – and Republican congressional “leadership” neglected to inform me – why they were doing it. A tweet on the subject would have been appreciated.


Mr. Trump is honoring his pledges. Most of his actions have been applauded by Republicans. Some not. The recent proposal to make Mexico “pay for the wall” by taxing Mexican imports 20% is controversial. I’m pretty sure economist would say that Americans will be paying that 20% tax, not Mexico. But to be fair, that one is just a proposal, not an executive action.


In contrast what has the new Congress done worth applause? Yes, that branch is slower but what has Senator McConnell or Speaker Ryan told you that has comforted you? Thrilled you? Warmed your heart?


Mr. Trump’s relationship with those who love our country and want to conserve that which made us great is just fine and improving daily. It’s the rest of the Republican Party that has been given notice.


Hey, Republican incumbents, there’s a train coming through town that we may have never seen before and may never see again. Are you going to get onboard, or watch it pass by?


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