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January 24, 2017

Blowup the White House?

Harry M. Covert

So, words do matter. That is no surprise. Truly I'm tickled pink watching and hearing spoken and written words.


I'm also astonished at language looseness so-called educated women and men communicate so broadly and loudly. I've commented on this previously.


Viewers must laugh and wonder when a video commercial says "real people not actors" and use another disclaimer that says "cars do not fly."


Let's not make fun of advertising watchers who may miss the meaning of commercials. They are cute and laugh-out-loud funny – sometimes.


Disclaimers in ads and direct mail missives, usually in mighty small print, really are hoping consumers won't see them; like the extra small print in contracts, coupons and other come-ons. All right facts of life.


Now let's address the nasty writing on placards seen and heard last weekend. Many viewers and alleged marchers thought it was cute when – en masse – they displayed curse-filed signs with initial alphabet abbreviations.


Words sincerely do have consequences. Free speech is absolutely great and protected. But being imbecilic and ugly does a disservice to protestors.


The broad ugliness on display shows the trend toward ill-manners not seen. I don't need to disclaim any idea of goody-two-shoes. Where are Miss Manners or Emily Post?


The elocution of what appeared to be celebrity-fueled campaigns came off with no issues, but rather hate-filled speech. These people were used merely to draw a crowd. They did. Caution...threatening to blow up the White House because of the new president, or offering sexual favors to men if they didn't vote for the winner, were not marks of dignity but déclassé. I'm ignoring the names of the blowhards.


Such talk to destroy the White House is rather serious and could well lead to a federal prison term. It can be construed to be a threat on the president's life. Now, free speechers – no matter their notoriety – should not be careless this way. Be forceful, but not seditious.


Sure, it's American as apple pie to make noise. The meanness and ugliness doesn't do whatever well for their hopes and dreams.


My hope is that the brouhaha up and down D.C., and around the nation and world, didn't hurt the businesses. Some overzealous marchers, really rioters, smashed windows of stores and vehicle windows. Over 200 were arrested. Such limp wrists. They should have enjoyed the D.C. jail facilities a few days.


Now that words still have meanings, the troublemakers are fortunate. While they like to call opponents "Nazi's" and liars, racists and other distasteful things, there are other countries this day who would have no qualms clamping down on ugly lip-flappers in brutal and fatal ways without conscience.


Are any of the marchers aware of penalties elsewhere? Friends, they are severe and there's no sympathy. They make The Storm Troopers look like rookies.


Finally, there's nothing new under the sun. Water boarding is difficult, of course. But, but and but, beheadings, and hangings are vicious. Before everybody gets carried away, think on these things.


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