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January 23, 2017

The March of Time

Harry M. Covert

My crack investigators have been busy. The snoopers discovered that Frederick schools apparently had no regard for the inauguration – as required by the document called The Constitution – that took place at the Capitol in Washington Friday.


I didn't waste any time trying to personally involve myself in the lack of teaching the little girls and boys about how the new president and vice president were sworn in. And moments later the swearing at them reached high gear.


Those in the county classrooms probably weren't even aware that no shots were fired, I mean with real bullets. Other Maryland school systems also ignored the most historic, if not the most hysteric, event of the 21st Century.


Apparently, according to our fact finders, teachers and administrators and school board members didn't want to interrupt the daily studies of the children at every level, still trying to make two-plus-two to equal three.


The secret is probably out that all area private schools, traditional religious academies and maybe some special classrooms were exceptions; thought it important to turn on television sets, iPads and other communicative facilities. A new president is a big deal and considered a real civics lesson for youngsters.


It's a good wager that people around the world of all ages saw the events but locals apparently don't have a clue. They also don't know what a good laugh is on a tweet.


There is no one around today that remembers Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney of Frederick swore in the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, to his first term. Taney, pronounced tawney for newcomers, has been castigated viciously by history’s rewriters determined to strip his likenesses from local governing facilities. They haven't been able to rename any streets...yet.


The angst against the Chief Justice is that he wrote the Dred Scott decision. If you don't know what that meant, open a history book, visit the C. Burr Artz Public Library in downtown or Google. There are still lots of books available.


I got to thinking, there are lots of unpleasant things that are part of American history. They are history though. I wonder how past events would be recorded had modern media had been available? This is no excuse for bad times of years ago.


Several witty writers suggested in the days Herbert Hoover took office that every new president ought to allowed to hang a few of his opponents. He noted he could let a few know they were being considered. Mr. Hoover wasn't known to be a big jokester. That's pretty funny, though. I'll not suggest that to the 45th.


School children in this era ought to be taught the real stuff. Opportunities abound like never before.


I think one of the exciting inaugurations came January 20, 1961. The nation was riveted to the black and white teevees. What a time. John F. Kennedy was sworn in as the 35th president by Chief Justice Earl Warren on that day. It was historic and the nation changed quickly.


Newspapers were still the main media, morning and afternoon editions. Big headlines. Television news came into its own. Radio news was hot, too, but seeing the network anchors and reports was thrilling.


JFK spearheaded a new day. He had his hateful critics. Today, President Donald J. Trump has brought in a new time. His critics are on duty like never seen before.


How often we hear that the past is prologue. That's true. The nation and the world and every locality is in for exciting and changing days. It's the March of Time, if I can use the title of a radio and television show from the old days.


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