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January 19, 2017

Living in Glass Houses…

Harry M. Covert

Please, I don't want to sound crabby on the day before the White House gets a new occupant, but maybe I am.


For a few moments, I abhor the disrespect some 60 or so elected members of Congress exhibit by boycotting the inauguration of the new president. This includes all other bellyachers, crybabies and professionally-paid naysayers.


The shame is on them. Why don't the 60-some refrain from sitting in Congress itself, even if in the minority? Send them back home! Their participation doesn't amount to much anyway.


Where is the dignity for the offices they hold? There is no further need to berate them here. Actually, I feel sorry for their embarrassing behavior.


Politics is the art of compromise. Most all who serve from public office know that. If not they should. More often than not, the compromise is loudly forgotten under the guise that the squeakiest wheel gets the grease.


Friday's festivities at the Capitol are historic. At noon, the incredible orderly transfer of power of the USA takes place. It represents the glorious coming together of all. We can use the phrase "it's always been done that way" – and since that of a fellow named George Washington.


Unfortunately, there are some segments of the political arena who don't want an orderly transfer. Many have threatened efforts to disrupt the proceedings. They are no more than publicity seekers, foolish and boobs.


Again, where is the esteem for the office? All of the video critics have embarrassed themselves, too. None seem to have taken time or made efforts to understand “the will” of The People.


Talk has been that a supposed honeymoon period, the first 100 days, will be missing for the new administration. If anything, No. 45 has been marching to his own tune. He is not the least bit shy about his leadership style, his plans and determination for a new course. He has already consummated his presidency. His opponents are scared to death. That's a good thing. He won't be a pushover or patsy.


Somehow I think that the man from Missouri, Harry S Truman, would have enjoyed using modern technology to reach the nation.


Doubt that? He's the fellow who said, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell."


The shame of the boycotters is that they are disrespecting and violating their oaths to uphold The Constitution. Political combat is necessary. However, when voters vote, speak and choose, the rule is stand at attention, smile and recognize the New Day. Okay, I know it can be bitter. It's not easy but elementary to grin and bear it – prepare to fight another day.


Political exhorters love to degrade their competitors. This has been more than obvious over the past year or so. Disagree and people are tagged with all kinds of bigoted words I'll not recall here.


Use of the words "lie" and "liars" have overwhelmed us. Such references include all of the political gangs in every venue.


For the next three months or so, let's be nice, and save our rock throwing for a while.


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