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January 18, 2017

There’s a red under my bed…

Ken Kellar

…and there's a little yellow man in my head.


The above lines are lyrics from the Kinks song Destroyer circa 1981.


Here are a couple more lines:


Paranoia, the destroyer.


Silly boy you got so much to live for

So much to aim for, so much to try for

You blowing it all with paranoia

You're so insecure you self-destroyer


I remembered the song while reading Harry Covert’s post about the upcoming inauguration. News reports are filled with declarations of the Russian’s hacking of our election and claims that Donald Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. Supposedly many plans are afoot to disrupt the inauguration. The Kinks song states that “paranoia” is “The destroyer.” I see the basis for declaring Trump’s illegitimacy, the supposed Russian hacking, as signs of rampant paranoia.


Paranoia is defined as: suspicion and mistrust of people or their actions without evidence or justification.


Regarding the “Russian hack,” I have seen no evidence. All I have seen is the Democrat President’s Democrat political appointees explaining the Democrat candidate’s loss by making vague statements and submitting murky reports regarding probabilities and suppositions about motivations of the Russian leadership.


I believe it was Carl Sagan who said: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” I think claims that could lead to war with Russia – or at a minimum – massive trade disruption require “extraordinary” evidence. I’m still waiting for even “mediocre” evidence.


Now I’m not declaring the Russians did not play some games during our election. I’m aware that Joseph McCarthy was charged with paranoia as he tried to fight the infiltration of Soviet-friendly communists in our highest offices.


Time has proven him absolutely correct. Alger Hiss was a spy and Mr. Rosenberg did commit treason. And although less clear, I’ve read some things recently that point to communist infiltration of the State Department that turned U.S. policy against our WW II ally Chiang Kai-shek, the man who helped us defeat Imperial Japan.


Instead the communist movement was allowed to grow. Chiang fell back to Taiwan to rule only there. I’ve only started studying these events, but if results are any indication of whom we should have backed, let’s look at Taiwan and the Chinese mainland today. Wrong horse backed? Probably. McCarthy correct? As time passes, he is getting smarter and saner every day.


So, until I actually see some evidence, I’m not going full anti-Russia. Do we really have enough evidence to stop selling food to the Russia people for example? Do we have enough evidence to take food away from a Russian citizen, maybe a senior citizen?


But, let’s – for a moment – go full paranoia and say Putin himself took computer classes and hacked “the election.” What did he do? As far as I can tell the most he did was reveal horrible e-mails.  Let’s give him credit for hacking both sets of e-mails: Hillary’s State Department correspondence and the Democratic National Committee’s.


First, the veracity of the e-mails has not been questioned by anyone. So the racism, identity-politics, Democrat primary manipulation, and reckless/illegal mishandling of sensitive government information all happened. So did Hillary’s lies to cover herself. Should we have ignored the horrible e-mail revelations and her dishonest response because of the possible source?


Let’s also remember that during the campaign, Mr. Trump had the “Grab the women” video released as well as seven or more sexual harassment accusations thrown at him. The grab video was real. The harassment claims have been debunked by facts and have disappeared.


Both candidates had horrible press and Mr. Trump won. By the way, on the path to the White House, he defeated 16 Republican challengers. Are we supposed to believe Russia managed that also?


Perhaps a crisper example of the extent of paranoia and delusion of Trump’s opponents would be useful. A few days ago Meryl Streep condemned Donald Trump for making fun of a handicapped news journalist. Old news that almost the entire world of journalism would support her on, even Fox News probably.  Check out how easily the claim is debunked by Gavin McInnes. By the way, even boy-genius “conservative” Ben Shapiro, could not be bothered with facts on this one and chose instead to condemn Trump for something he did not do.


Gavin McInnes absolutely debunks Streep’s condemnation:


In 1796, George Washington declared his intentions to retire from public life. His lengthy farewell address is filled with advice for how our young nation should proceed.


Significant portions are spent on advice on how to deal with the rest of the world. I highly recommend it be read in its entirety although it is lengthy and filled with lofty vocabulary (probably Alexander Hamilton’s doing!)


Washington basically advises us that we treat all nations somewhat neutrally. None too favored and none condemned. That way, when events call for possible action, we will not be swayed by prior commitments or prejudices.


I think his advice is as precious and relevant today as it was over two centuries ago.


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